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  1. S517 Male Condom Model

    S517 Male Condom Model

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    An excellent model for demonstration and “hands-on” experience in use of a condom. The model is manufactured in a soft, flexible vinyl and maintains it erect state. Mounted on a smoked Lucite stand. Supplied with instruction manual. Learn More
  2. W501 Conditions of the Testicle

    Conditions of the Testicle Model

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    Product Model: W501

    3 Dimensional easel display shows the importance of monthly testicular self-examination. Learn More

  3. No Scalpel Vasectomy

    S518 No Scalpel Vasectomy

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    A compact simulator developed to assist in learning a new method of vas occlusion. To provide realism, the leg stumps are designed to “get in the way” of the student as the procedure is mastered. Learn More
  4. S230.7 Advanced Patient Care Male Catheterization Simulator
  5. ZACK™ Multipurpose Male Care Simulator