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  1. s574.100

    NOELLE® S574.100 - Advanced Maternal Care Simulation Package

    Package: S574.100.PK

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    The NOELLE® Advanced Maternal Care package is a complete simulation-based obstetric care education and training solution. This turnkey solution includes a NOELLE® wireless and tetherless childbirth patient simulator, the UNI® control tablet PCs, a Gaumard Vitals® patient monitor, the Labor & Delivery Simulation Learning Experience® Courseware package, and accessories.
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  2. SUSIE® S2000 – Advanced Nursing Patient Simulator and SLE Education Package

    SUSIE® S2000 - Advanced Nursing Care Patient Simulator and SLE Educational Package

    Package: S2000.PK

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    SUSIE is an advanced, wireless and tetherless patient simulator and learning resource solution designed to facilitate the delivery of effective and realistic simulation learning experiences to nursing learners of all levels. SUSIE includes everything you need for rapid integration into your nursing curricula in one easy-to-use package.
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