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  1. PREMIE HAL SLE Courseware Package 1

    PREMIE HAL® SLE Courseware Package

    Model: 30080751A

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    The new PREMIE HAL® Simulated Learning Experiences™ (SLEs) courseware package provides you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help simulate lifelike clinical cases in preterm airway management, resuscitation, stabilization, transport, and intensive care.

    The courseware package includes an activation code for 5 preprogrammed UNI® scenarios and the Facilitator’s Guide for planning, setting up, and running the scenarios.

    Compatible with the following PREMIE HAL® simulator models: S2209 and S3009.
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  2. PEDIATRIC HAL SLE Facilitator’s Guidebook

    PEDIATRIC HAL® SLE Facilitator’s Guide

    Model: 11120146B

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    The PEDIATRIC HAL® Advanced Pediatric Patient Simulation Learning Experiences™ (SLEs) Facilitator's Guide is a comprehensive resource for planning, setting up, and facilitating scenarios with PEDIATRIC HAL® S2225. The guide makes it easier to consistently create immersive patient care environments and facilitate pediatric care training sessions.

    Compatible with PEDIATRIC HAL® S2225.
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