Training at Gaumard®
Free, multiday training is included with the purchase of select Gaumard patient simulators at Gaumard’s Training Centers in Miami, FL and Waco, TX. Gaumard welcomes the attendance of up to 3 of your staff members at each relevant training course once per calendar year.
Course Objectives
  • •   Learn to set up, operate, and maintain your patient simulator
  • •   Master the UNI® Unified Simulator Control Software - learn to control the simulator’s physiology on-the-fly or via preprogrammed scenarios, monitor participant performance, and track scenario events
  • •   Gain insights into the features that can maximize realism during simulation
What’s Included?
Multiday Hands-on
Course Materials and
Access to Simulators
Hotel Accommodation
with Breakfast
Lunch and Snacks
Course Registration
Need assistance?
Contact us at or +1-800-882-6655.