HAL® Emergency Simulators
  1. Trauma HAL® S3040.10 with OMNI® 2  Point of Injury Care Trauma Patient Simulator

    Trauma HAL® S3040.10 - Wireless and Tetherless Point-of-Injury Care Trauma Patient Simulator

    Package: S3040.10.PK

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    The Trauma HAL® with OMNI® 2 is a wireless full-body trauma patient simulator with programmable bleeding and pressure sensors. The completely tetherless design and ruggedized joints make this simulator perfect for facilitating training in care under fire, point of injury care, extraction, tactical evacuation, mass casualty, patient transport, decontamination and more.
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  2. HAL SLE Courseware Package 1

    HAL® SLE Courseware Package

    Model: 30080750A

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    The new HAL® Simulated Learning Experiences (SLEs) courseware package provides you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help you maximize general and specialized participant learning in nearly all clinical settings.

    The courseware package includes an activation code for 10 preprogrammed UNI® scenarios and the Facilitator’s Guidebook for planning, setting up, and running the scenarios.

    Compatible with the following HAL® models: S3201, S3101, S3000, and S1000.
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