HAL® Emergency Simulators
  1. Trauma HAL® S3040.100

    Trauma HAL® S3040.100 - Rugged Trauma Care Patient Simulator

    Model: S3040.100.PK_

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    The Trauma HAL® S3040.100 is a rugged and resilient human trauma patient simulator for teaching care on the battlefield. HAL’s toughness and durability have been proven by independent testing in hot and cold conditions, wet and dry environments, in both fixed-winged aircrafts and military helicopters. HAL® is splash-proof, fits in a NATO litter, and can be covered with a blanket without overheating. Rush HAL® from the accident scene to the ER or the ICU, while care providers diagnose and treat his condition using real monitoring and resuscitation equipment. HAL® smoothly transitions between physiologic states in response to commands from a wireless PC.
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