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Advanced Life Support Simulators
  1. Code Blue III Adult with OMNI 2 Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

    Code Blue® III Adult with OMNI® 2 Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

    Package: S300.100.250.PK

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    The new Code Blue III Adult with OMNI® 2 allows participants to practice ALS skills using realistic code scenarios. The patient simulator’s all-wireless design facilitates realistic and immersive emergency simulation scenarios in situ, in transport, or in the lab without interruption.
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  2. Code Blue III Pediatric with OMNI 2 Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

    Code Blue® III Pediatric with OMNI® 2 Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

    Package: S300.105.250.PK

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    The Code Blue III Pediatric simulator features a comprehensive array of airway, respiratory, and cardiovascular functions, perfect for training individual and team-based ALS skills. The included OMNI 2 tablet provides real-time feedback on CPR quality metrics.
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  3. Code Blue® III Newborn with OMNI® 2 Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

    Code Blue® III Newborn with OMNI® 2 Advanced Life Support Training Simulator

    Package: S300.110.250.PK

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    The new wireless Code Blue III Newborn offers the best value in simulation-based resuscitation learning, including programmable models for hypoxic events. The included OMNI 2 controller is an easy-to-use touchscreen interface designed to place the best tools to drive simulation-based exercises right in the palm of your hand.
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  4. Pedi HAL® S3005

    Pediatric HAL® S3005 - Wireless and Tetherless, Five-Year-Old Patient Simulator

    Package: S3005.PK

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    Simulation Made Easy®. Proven HAL® technology. Tetherless with wireless communications. Fully responsive, even during transport. Wireless streaming audio. Automatic or instructor control. New and improved airway features.
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  5. Pedi HAL® S3004

    Pediatric HAL® S3004 - Wireless and Tetherless, One-Year-Old Patient Simulator

    Package: S3004.PK

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    Pediatric HAL® allows you to take advanced simulation where you need to train. It may be at an accident scene, in an ER, an EMS vehicle, or even in a PICU. HAL® remains fully functional while being moved from place to place. This “Care in motion” allows you to evaluate both team training and how well patient “hand-offs” are conducted. What is done well? What needs to be improved?
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  6. HAL® S1020 Emergency Care Simulator

    HAL® S1020 - 12-Lead ECG Skill Trainer

    Package: S1020.PK

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    12 Lead ECG Simulator with integrated myocardial infarction (MI) model.
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  7. HAL® S1030 Dynamic Airway and Lung Compliance Simulator

    HAL® S1030 - Advanced Mechanical Ventilator Management Skills Trainer

    Package: S1030.PK

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    HAL® S1030 is a full-body, computer-controlled patient simulator designed for training respiratory care students and professionals on the treatment and management of respiratory diseases using a real mechanical ventilator. Just like a real patient, HAL® features a lifelike airway, can hold P.E.E.P from 5 to 25 cmH2O, trigger the vent’s breath assist, change lung compliance and bilateral bronchial airway resistance, exhale real CO2, and much more. Together, these features allow educators to simulate diseases and conditions such as ARDS, COPD, and asthma as seen in real life.
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  8. TRAUMA HAL SLE Courseware Package

    TRAUMA HAL® SLE Courseware Package

    Model: 30080749A

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    The new TRAUMA HAL® Simulated Learning Experiences (SLEs) courseware package provides you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help participants practice trauma care in the field or wherever training takes place.

    The courseware package includes an activation code for 10 preprogrammed UNI® scenarios and the Facilitator’s Guide for planning, setting up, and running the scenarios.

    Compatible with the following TRAUMA HAL® models: S3040.100 and S3040.50.
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