Newborn and Premie

Newborn & Premie

Nursing Care Simulators
  1. PEDI® BLUE Neonatal Manikin Simulator OMNI 2

    PEDI® Blue S320.100.250 - Newborn CPR Patient Simulator with SmartSkin™ and OMNI® 2

    Package: S320.100.250.PK

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    Model: S320.100.250 - S320.200.250 Newborn PEDI® with OMNI 2 is a full-term neonate patient simulator designed for training airway management and neonatal resuscitation skills. Newborn PEDI comes complete with the new OMNI® 2 control tablet which offers you real-time CPR quality metrics, an interactive respiratory distress management trainer, and debriefing tools.
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  2. Newborn HAL® S3010

    Newborn HAL® S3010 - Wireless and Tetherless, Neonate at 40-Weeks Gestational Age

    Package: S3010.PK

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    Newborn HAL's® true-to-life physical and physiological features, wireless mobility, and ease-of-use allow you to simulate realistic clinical cases. Whether training occurs in a simulation center, in-situ, or in-transit, participants of any level can practice the skills needed to provide safe and effective care to neonatal patients.
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