Omni Code Blue Pack

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S157.184 Omni® Code Blue® Pack

Model: S157.184



Monitor and log chest compressions and ventilations Provides the functionality of our Code Blue® Monitor and CPR LinkTM, all in one package. Monitor and log compressions and ventilations by connecting Omni® to any computer, OR view feedback in your Omni® screen for maximum mobility.

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  • · Teach CPR for adults, children, and neonates
  • · Monitor the compression and ventilation waveforms produced by your students
  • · Show the waveform results to your students
  • · Save as many results as you wish on your computer
  • · Print only those results you need
  • · 1 Omni Controller
  • · Pre-installed CPR module inside your simulator
  • · 1 CPR Link cable and software; for monitoring and logging CPR on any Windows computer


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