A Guide to Successful Debriefing
from Practicum to Practice
Debriefing allows educators to guide participants through the deconstruction and reconstruction of their actions and thought processes to improve future performance. Educators agree that debriefing is a key component for delivering a successful simulation learning experience.

As the use of health care simulation increases, quality debriefing has become just as important as the ability to operate a manikin or facilitate a simulation exercise. Educators should seek to become skilled debriefers capable of creating a collaborative environment that fosters deeper learning and understanding.
Debriefing Deconstructed: A Guide to
Impactful Simulation Learning Experiences™
Download the Free White Paper
Download this free white paper and learn more about debriefing in health care simulation and the methodologies used by today's educators to strengthen the participants' learning experiences. This white paper includes:
  • •   A summary of the history and evolution of debriefing
  • •   The primary goals of a successful debriefing session
  • •   The benefits of comprehensive debriefing after simulation exercises
  • •   A discussion of theory-based debriefing and video playback to enrich the learning experience
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