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Version - September 26, 2014
Previously GIGA
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Our intuitive and powerful control software offers ease of use and the flexibility required by the most demanding users. Basic view provides windows for the 3D model of the simulator, a completely configurable vital signs monitor and an activities log.

3D image can be rotated or enlarged; the skin removed and physiologic parameters accessed to change any elements of a powerful physiologic engine.

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NOTE: Pro+ Version 5.3795 (or Higher) is required for compatibility with uni Version 2.14.16 (or higher).

For first time install or when upgrading from version 2.12.16 or below, use Full Download

Version 2.31.18 - September 26, 2014
Release Notes

Gaumard Monitors

Vital signs monitors provide students with feedback provided in real clinical settings. Gaumard Monitors runs on a dedicated computer and displays simulated vital signs for the tetherless high fidelity family of simulators.

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For first time install or when upgrading from version 2.21.15 or below, use Full Download

Version 2.0.3 - June 27, 2014
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eCPR software allows for real-time feedback on current compressions and ventilations.