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UNI® Software Introduction
Learn how to operate the UNI simulator control software. Explore the entire user interface and learn how to maximize your use of this vital component for UNI-based Gaumard simulators. This session is ideal for those new to the UNI software and for those who need a refresher course.
UNI® Scenario Building
This session covers basic to advanced scenario programming in the UNI interface. The session starts with a review of linear scenario development and continues to branching scenario development.
UNI® Labor Scenario Building
This session exclusively covers the UNI labor module and all of its components. Participants will learn how to edit existing VICTORIA and NOELLE labor scenarios and create new scenarios of their own design.
Working with Gaumard Vitals™ / CARE IN MOTION™
This session covers how to operate the capabilities of our Gaumard Vitals™ virtual patient monitor software. Optional content covers the functionality and features of our CARE IN MOTION (CIM) video-assisted debriefing system.
Intro to working with SUPER TORY® S2220
Join us in this interactive online course covering SUPER TORY S2220. This course will cover how to set up and operate SUPER TORY for simulation exercises incorporating real equipment, active movement, IV and IO infusions, and more. This course will also incorporate advanced critical care features such as intubation and mechanical ventilation, ECG monitoring and electrical therapy, and others. This course is designed for current users of the SUPER TORY S2220 neonatal patient simulator.
Intro to working with Pediatric HAL® S2225
Join us in this interactive online course covering Pediatric HAL S2225. This course will teach you how to control and program HAL's vital signs, facial expressions, movements, and speech. This course also covers HAL's airway and lung physiological parameters for mechanical ventilation, setup of a real patient monitor, and setup for multiple hands-on exercises. This course is designed for current users of the Pediatric HAL S2225 patient simulator.
Intro to working with Premie HAL® S2209
Join us in this interactive online course covering Gaumard's Premie HAL S2209. Participants will learn to configure and manage Premie HAL's features related to airway management, resuscitation, stabilization, transport, and intensive care. This course also covers simulator setup for hands-on exercises including IV and IO infusions, intubation, and CPR. This course is designed for current users of the Premie HAL S2209 patient simulator.
Intro to working with VICTORIA® S2200
Join us in this interactive online course covering VICTORIA S2200. Learn how to setup and run a multitude of delivery emergencies, pre- and post-partum exercises, and much more. This course also covers proper cleaning and maintenance procedures. Ask questions, and review topics in a dynamic learning environment. This course is designed for new and intermediate VICTORIA users.
Working with HAL® S1030 - Airway and Mechanical Ventilator Management Skills Trainers
This course is designed to help you learn to set up, operate, and utilize the airway and respiratory features of the HAL® 1030 Advanced Mechanical Ventilator Management Skills Trainer. This session is ideal for customers who have recently purchased this skills trainer and for those who are seeking a refresher course.
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