NewroSim™ Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Care Training Solution

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NewroSim™ is a simulation-based training curriculum and software model designed to help you train healthcare providers to diagnose and treat stroke and TBI victims. When paired with any of our HAL S3000 series patient simulators, it offers the most true-to-life simulated clinical experience available today. Developed in collaboration with Accurate S.r.l, NewroSim offers teaching content and learning objectives for all areas and specialties in stroke and TBI care, including first assessment and management, transport, emergency room care, and intensive care.


Patients suffering from stroke or traumatic brain injuries require immediate intervention and specialized care. Time is a critical factor. Healthcare providers must diagnose and treat patients quickly and effectively to improve outcomes.



The NewroSim scenario library includes high and low frequency traumatic brain injury and stroke clinical cases. Every scenario is designed to train students and professionals with the psychomotor, cognitive, and teamwork skills needed to effectively manage and treat patients in the various stages of care. NewroSim scenarios feature preprogrammed timed objectives, vital sign changes, speech responses, and assets, such as labs and CT scans. To run a scenario simply checkmark the key events to progress the case.


COMPREHENSIVE - Scenarios offer training for first responders, ED teams, neurounit care intensivists as well as generalists and specialists.

OBJECTIVE-BASED - Benefit from measurable goals so you can track progress and improvement over time.

READY-TO-USE - NewroSim includes all the scenario medical references, mock labs and assets needed for each case, thus eliminating costly development time.

EXPANDABLE - Scenarios are editable, so you can expand the scope of training by creating new exercises to meet your institution’s needs.

Scenario Training Guidebook

NewroSim includes a companion training guidebook with supplemental materials for every scenario. The guidebook makes it easy to plan and run scenarios and debrief learning objectives.

  • Case overview
  • Patient history
  • Neurological exam results
  • Simulation parameters
  • Expected actions
  • Learning objectives
  • Supporting literature references
  • Mock CT scans and labs results

Head trauma scenario at point of injury.


Pupil reactivity during neuro assessment.


Sports concussion assessment.


The NewroSim model integrated into the UNI® software simulates the hemodynamics of the intracranial cerebral vessels and its effects as seen on the ICP and TCD readings.

Manually create stenosis and/or occlusions on the cerebrovascular blood vessels. Occlusion points can be anterior posterior and left or right side.
Change CO2 reactivity of the brain’s chemoreceptors. Adjust the autoregulation of the brain.
Monitor vessel status and perfusion directly from the control screen.

INTEGRATED - Newrosim is built right into UNI®, allowing you (the operator) to manage the scenario, monitor, and track from one interface.

EASY-TO-USE - You don’t have to be a specialist to operate NewroSim. The scenarios and NewroSim model automate physiological changes, while the corresponding vitals are shown on the TCD monitor in real-time. Now you can simulate conditions and interactions with a high degree of fidelity without manual input.

PROGRAMMABLE - Using the manual controls, you can easily override the cardiovascular parameters and simulate on the fly.

POWERFUL - he NewroSim® model simulates the hemodynamics of the intracranial cerebral vessels, even calculating inter hemispheric compensation. What’s more it can automatically update the patient’s presentation, including changes in eye reactivity depending on the condition.

MULTIMODAL - The NewroSim model can be used as a standalone tool to teach students the relationship between the hemodynamics of the brain and how they would appear on a TCD waveform.



NewroSim adds simulated patient vital signs designed to provide participants the critical physiological information needed to aid decision making.

  • Transcranial Doppler (TCD) waveform and numeric values
  • Intracranial Pressure (ICP) numerical value and waveform

Integrate the NewroSim Monitor to Train Participants on the Following Skills:

  • Monitoring brain vessel status and perfusion
  • Monitoring the effects rescue intraarterial thrombolysis
  • Monitoring vessel recanalization during the treatment
  • Identifying and monitoring aneurisms and malformation at the brain artery level
  • Assess the efficiency of the sonothrombolisys
  • Customize the patient monitor to mimic your native monitor screen*
  • Display up to 12 numeric values, including HR, ABP, CVP, PAWP, NIBP, CCO, SpO2, SvO2, RR, EtCO2, temperature, and time*
  • Select up to 12 dynamic waveforms, including PAWP, pulse, CCO, SvO2, respiration, capnography*

Transcranial Doppler Waverform and Vessel Selection Screen

The interactive transcranial doppler allows participants to select between the cerebral arteries to monitor bloodflow velocity.


Newrosim Patient Monitor Intracranial Pressure Reading and Waveform

The intracranial pressure (ICP) readings are generated by NewroSim mathematical model. The model automatically calculates changes in cardiovascular variables and reactions to medications administered to simulate realtime read-ings with the highest degree of fidelity.

  • NewroSim Hemodynamic Model
  • 10 Preprogrammed Scenarios
  • NewroSim Training Guide
  • UNI® NewroSim License

*Gaumard Virtual Patient Monitor sold separately.
Includes one UNI® NewroSim activation code for one Gaumard patient simulator.


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