TRAUMA HAL® SLE Courseware Package

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The TRAUMA HAL® Simulated Learning Experiences (SLEs) courseware package provides you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help participants practice trauma care in the field or wherever training takes place.

The courseware package includes an activation code for 10 preprogrammed UNI® 3 scenarios and the Facilitator’s Guide for planning, setting up, and running the scenarios.

Compatible with the following TRAUMA HAL® models: S3040.100 and S3040.50.

TRAUMA HAL® Simulation Learning Experiences™

Courseware Package

Scenario Content Mapped to Your Educational Objectives


Each SLE incorporates QSEN and IPEC competencies to help learners successfully transfer their knowledge and skills to future clinical situations.

  • Airway Trauma Secondary to an IED Detonation
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Secondary to Motor Vehicle Crash
  • Blast Injury in a Civilian Setting
  • Potential Concussion or Hypovolemia
  • Fall-Related Injuries
  • Gunshot Wound To The Chest
  • Gunshot Wound To The Leg
  • Traumatic Limb Amputation Secondary to Motorcycle Crash
  • Traumatic Limb Amputation And Possible Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Traumatic Multiple Limb Amputations with Possible Traumatic Brain Injury

Powerful, Preprogrammed UNI® Scenarios

Every TRAUMA HAL® SLE includes a UNI® preprogrammed scenario that automatically manages the patient’s symptoms, vitals, and responses. UNI® preprogrammed scenarios help reduce the operator’s workload, increase realism, and standardize your simulation events.

  • Physiologically accurate: symptoms, vitals, and responses validated through evidence-based clinical research
  • Smart automation: automated responses to select provider actions. Play, pause, or restart at any time
  • Monitor and track: log participants’ actions via built-in event tracker
  • Flexible: easily adjust vital signs on-the-fly when needed
  • Repeatable: consistent presentations allow for standardized assessment across groups of participants

Strategic Guide for Facilitating Learning

The Facilitator’s Guide is a comprehensive resource for planning, setting up, and facilitating the SLEs so you can incorporate TRAUMA HAL® quickly and easily into your education program.
Each SLE includes the following sections:

  • Purpose of the SLE
  • Evidence-based Rationale
  • Learning Objectives
  • Competencies Addressed
  • Recommended Psychomotor Skills
  • Suggested Supplies for the Scenario
  • Pre-briefing Report
  • Relevant Patient History
  • List of Expected Participant Actions
  • Scenario Flowchart
  • TRAUMA HAL® - Simulation Learning Experiences™ - Facilitator’s Guide
  • TRAUMA HAL® SLE Profile License/Activation Code

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