Introducing Obstetric MR for VICTORIA®.
The future of simulation-enhanced learning.
Obstetric MR is a new mixed reality simulation experience designed to help learners translate theory into practice and achieve clinical competency faster and more efficiently than ever before.
Deeper learning and understanding.
See and interact with theory in practice.
By synchronizing holograms with the physical world, Obstetric MR allows learners to see inside VICTORIA and observe the dynamic physiology underlying difficult deliveries to promote deeper learning.
Real-time synchronization.
Study the mechanics of childbirth including normal delivery, shoulder dystocia, breech, and much more.
Interactive and responsive.
Observe the rotation of the pelvis and the rotation of the fetal shoulder during McRoberts and suprapubic pressure maneuvers.
Multiple ways to learn.
Introducing self-paced learning modules.
Study a variety of deliveries on a life-sized virtual patient and with the help of a virtual assistant.
Obstetric MR
Mixed Reality System for VICTORIA® S2200
Includes mixed reality holographic headset computer, Obstetric MR software, and accessories.

Patent pending

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