OMNI 2 with OMNI Link
OMNI 2 gives you the specialized tools needed to meet training objectives across multiple clinical areas with one device. The OMNI Link connects all products previously controlled by the OMNI device to the powerful, portable OMNI 2.
Package Contents
  • •   Wireless device ready with OMNI 2
  • •   OMNI Link wireless adapter
  • •   Setup user guide
Product Highlights
Control the simulation remotely from any angle without being wired to the simulator.
Real-time Feedback
Track and log performance metrics during the simulation and assist learners with immediate corrections.
Create, save, and share individualized reports for thorough debriefing.
Virtual Patient Monitor
Display simulator vitals on a customizable monitor to practice recognizing important changes in waveform or numeric values.
The OMNI 2 upgrade integrates effortlessly with your current simulators and is compatible with +40 products. Simply plugging the OMNI Link wireless adapter into any product previously controlled by OMNI automatically connects it to the OMNI 2.
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