Control, Monitoring, and Debriefing Made Simple and Wireless
The new OMNI 2 features a powerful CPR training interface designed to help you monitor CPR quality in real-time and capture performance data for richer debriefing sessions. Whether you are evaluating CPR performance during a scenario-based exercise, or teaching first-time learners, OMNI 2 offers you one simple tool to help you do it all.
Enhance Skills Training
with Real-time Feedback
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your skill building exercises. Real-time feedback lets you easily spot and correct errors in technique to ensure quality performance.
  • •   Real-time CPR quality metrics
    •      Compression depth and rate
    •      Ventilation rate
    •      Excessive ventilation
    •      No-flow time
    •      CPR cycles
  • •   Smart coach: Audible tones help guide correct compression and ventilation rate and ratio
  • •   Preset adult, pediatric, and neonate CPR ratios
  • •   Virtual shock panel with cardioversion capability
Virtual Patient Monitoring
for True-to-life Simulation
Add patient monitoring management objectives to train assessment and decision-making skills. The new OMNI 2 and Virtual Patient monitor allows you to simulate clinical conditions just as they appear on real monitoring devices.
  • •   Wireless patient monitor link
  • •   Over 25 vital sign parameters including ECG, HR, EtCO2 and more
  • •   Includes comprehensive ECG library with over 25 preprogrammed cardiac rhythms
  • •   Apply sets of parameters with 1 touch
In-Depth Assessment
and Debriefing
Never miss another teaching opportunity. OMNI 2 enhances assessment and debriefing by making it easy to capture CPR performance quality and key events.
  • •   Easily track individual and team actions using interactive key events
  • •   eCPR™ Performance Report provides you averages for each CPR metric to aid in the identification and improvement of weak areas
  • •   Logs provider actions, vital signs, CPR metrics, and comments
  • •   Save, email, and print eCPR performance reports for debriefing and archiving
Simulation Made Easy™
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