Newborn Series

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  1. Newborn PEDI Skills Trainer Larygnoscope
    Newborn PEDI® S109 - Newborn Skills Trainer
    The Newborn PEDI® S109 is a full-body newborn patient simulator designed to help participants train and develop neonatal procedural skills. The S109's anatomically accurate anatomy allows participants to work hands-on and hone intubation, ventilation, compressions, IV cannulation, and umbilical catheterization skills.
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  2. Premie Hal® 24-Week Preterm Newborn Skills Trainer
    Premie HAL® S108.100 - 24-Week Preterm Newborn Skills Trainer
    The Premie HAL® S108.100 is a lifelike, 24-week preterm patient simulator designed to facilitate the training of healthcare professionals in the areas of airway management, respiratory support, and resuscitation.
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