Advanced ZACK™ Multipurpose Men's Healthcare Task Trainer (S230.200)

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The Advanced ZACK™ Multipurpose Men's Healthcare Task Trainer is a full-sized, lifelike lower torso designed to help students and professionals learn and practice various men's health clinical procedures. The S230.200 has features that facilitate the hands-on acquisition of intimate clinical examination skills, including catheterization, testicular and prostate examination, vasectomy, and colonoscopy.

Comprehensive Men's Health Clinical Skills Training

Model: S230.200


Urinary catheterization

Practice safe, aseptic insertion and removal of a catheter.


Prostate examination

Learn vital rectal examination and palpation skills needed to distinguish between the "feel" of a normal prostate, benign conditions, and various grades of prostatic malignancies.


Diagnose various prostate pathologies

The internal push-button mechanism allows you to rotate through and position four different prostate inserts (enlarged benign mass, two discreet nodules, a large mass, and malignant invasive cancer) during digital rectal examination training.


No-scalpel vasectomy

Replaceable scrotal skin and vas deferens tubing allow for the repeated practice of vasectomy procedures using real surgical equipment.


Testicular examination

Realistic testes allow participants to develop palpation skills needed for intimate examination procedures.



Use a real endoscope to identify benign and malignant masses in the rectum and colon; practice biopsy and polyp removal with non-electrocautery devices.

  • Adult male lower torso with lifelike feel and appearance
  • Three available skin tones
  • Colon with nine different masses
    • One melanoma
    • Two ulcerative adenocarcinomas
    • Adenomatous polyp
    • Two sessile adenocarcinomas
    • One advanced polypoid adenoma
    • One pedunculated adenomatous polyp
    • One pedunculated polyp
  • Four easily detachable testes (two normal and two abnormal) with distinct masses that can be identified during palpation
  • Four prostate inserts to help develop haptic skills required during intimate examinations
    • Enlarged benign mass
    • Two discreet nodules
    • Large mass
    • Malignant invasive cancer
  • Easily replaceable vas deferens tubing allows for the repeated practice of vasectomy procedures
  • Male genitalia with a patent urethra and rectum
  • Removable lid for easy assembly and disassembly and access to the internal hardware
  • Urinary bladder
  • Advanced Zack S230.200
  • Scrotum
  • Normal testes
  • Rotational prostate assembly
  • Vas deferens reel
  • Cancerous testis 1
  • Cancerous testis 2
  • Fill and drain kit
  • Talcum powder, 2 oz
  • Mineral oil
  • User guide

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