CO2 Adapter for Pediatric HAL® S3004

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The CO2 Adapter enables real and measurable EtCO2 on CO2-Ready Pediatric HAL® S3004 simulators. Real CO2 exhalation allows learners to train EtCO2 interpretation and management using a real capnometer. The CO2 adapter adds realism to simulation scenarios and helps improve response times and patient safety in live situations such as resuscitation (CPR) and respiratory care.
  • Enables real CO2 exhalation measurable using a standard capnometer by way of mainstream or sidestream sampling
  • External CO2 adapter is small and portable, allowing continuous monitoring during transport
  • 10 levels of CO2 output programmable via UNI® interface
  • Compatible with CO2-Ready simulators
  • 16g threaded CO2 3/8”-24UNF-1A cartridges cartridge not included

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