OB Susie® S500.100 - Advanced Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso

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A SIMA Models® original, the OB SUSIE® S500.100 is a versatile and durable birthing torso designed to help participants practice and hone the skills needed to manage routine and difficult deliveries. OB SUSIE® can be used as a tabletop trainer and in hybrid simulation exercises.
  • Adult-sized female torso; from diaphragm to quadriceps
  • Versatile and portable for easy training in any setting
  • Available in light, medium, or dark skin tone at no additional cost
  • Flexible birth canal capable of demonstrating dystocia
  • Dilating cervix
  • Smooth skin cap allows for application of vacuum mechanism for assisted delivery
  • Pause delivery to show difficult delivery
  • Demonstrate internal rotation, expulsion, and external rotation
  • Prepare fetus in ROA, LOA, ROP, or LOP and deliver in ROT or LOT
  • Cervix dilates as labor progresses
  • Practice resolution of cord and placenta complications: cord prolapse, nuchal cord, cord knots, partial placenta previa, retained fragments
  • Perform Pinard “leg flip”
  • Inflatable cushion lifts fetus for Leopold maneuver
  • Palpate and turn the fetus using external version exercises
  • Soft stomach cover facilitates palpation for fetal manipulation
  • Practice fundal massage to return a “boggy” uterus to its firm state
  • Episiotomy trainers with tears in the labia minora, mediolateral tears, and standard mediolateral episiotomy
  • OB Susie Torso with accessories
  • Manual birthing mechanism
  • Articulating fetus
  • Episiotomy repair modules
  • Teach Pinard "leg flip" during breech
  • 48-hour postpartum system
  • Inflatable elevation pillow for palpation exercises
  • Carrying bag

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