NOELLE® S552.250 - Automatic Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso with OMNI® 2

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The NOELLE® S552.250 is a childbirth skills trainer featuring innovative automatic delivery technology, the new OMNI® 2 wireless interface, and a full-term neonate. NOELLE offers the simulated experience of cephalic, breech, shoulder dystocia deliveries, cord prolapse, and more in one easy-to-use solution.

NOELLE® Maternal Birthing Torso with OMNI® 2

Model: S552.250

NOELLE offers you an effective training solution for preparing students and professionals for the routine and emergency labor and delivery scenarios seen in the real world. Rehearse skills specific to delivery technique and cord management to gain competence and confidence.


Intuitive Auto Controls

Simulate a delivery in a fraction of the time and train more participants in a single lab.


Delivery Mechanism

Repeatable fetal presentation and rotation during descent.


Lifelike Placenta/Cord

Simulate cord prolapse, nuchal cord, placenta previa, and more.


Instrument Assisted

Supports real vacuum device and forceps assisted deliveries.


Cord Management

Resolve nuchal cord, cord prolapse, and true knots.


Breech Delivery

Simulate frank, complete, and footling breech deliveries.

  • Adult-sized birthing torso
  • OMNI 2 wireless tablet control
  • Virtual patient monitoring (Optional)
  • Program over 35 vital sign parameters including: HR, ECG, RR, BP, O2SAT, ETCO2, pulses and more
  • Virtual patient monitor wireless link
  • Comprehensive ECG library
  • eCPR™ - CPR real-time effectiveness monitoring and smart trainer
  • Automatic delivery controls: pause, resume, descent speed, reset
  • Shoulder dystocia controls
  • Fetal monitor controls - Fetal heart baseline, variability and accel/decels - Contraction frequency, duration, intensity and resting tone - Coupling, variability, spontaneous changes
  • Leopold and external cephalic version training
  • Virtual fetal monitoring: TOCO and FHR (Optional)
  • Pelvic Landmarks
  • Realistic cervical dilation
  • Programmable fetal heat tones
  • Precision delivery system
  • Programmable labor speed
  • Computer controlled fetal descent
  • Cephalic deliveries - Vacuum - Forceps
  • Shoulder dystocia complications - Visible fetal head retraction - Subrapubic pressure - Zavanelli
  • Breech delivery - Frank, complete, footling - Loveset maneuver - Mauriceau-Smellie-Veit
  • Realistic placenta with detachable fragments
  • Umbilical cord supports clamping and cutting
  • Simulate nuchal cord, cord prolapse and true knots.
  • Palpable fontanels and sutures
  • Articulated fetal head and limb joints
  • Breech and cephalic delivery positions
  • Supports suctioning technique training
  • NOELLE birthing torso
  • OMNI 2 Tablet (charger, USB, quick start guide)
  • Automatic birthing system
  • Birth canal
  • Placenta
  • Umbilical cords
  • Birthing fetus,
  • Abdominal cover
  • User guide

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