for Trauma Care Simulators
  1. NewroSim

    NewroSim™ Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Care Training Solution

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    NewroSim™ is a model driven, simulation training curriculum designed to help you train healthcare providers diagnose and treat stroke and TBI victims. When paired with any of our HAL S3000 series patient simulators, it offers the most true-to-life simulated clinical experience available today. Developed in collaboration with Accurate S.r.l, NewroSim offers teaching content and learning objectives for all areas and specialties in stroke and TBI care, including first assessment and management, transport, emergency room care, and intensive care.

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  2. S3040.100.600 Auto Physiologic Mode
  3. WK120 Casualty Wound Kit

    Casualty Wound Kit (WK120)

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    Product Model: WK120

    This kit contains everything necessary to stage incredibly realistic casualty scenarios. This 23-piece kit has burns, lacerations, compound fractures, gunshot wounds, incisions, abrasions, and more. Learn More

  4. WK100 Emergency Wound Kit

    Adult Emergency Wound Kit (WK100)

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    Product Model: WK100

    The Emergency Wound Kit assists in training exercises simulating community disasters like bus accidents or building explosions. Perform realistic practice required for the proper care, management, and transportation of the injured. Learn More

  5. WK110 Trauma Wound Kit

    Adult Trauma Wound Kit (WK110)

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    Product Model: WK110

    These trauma wounds will assist in training exercises for military, government responders, and anyone providing treatment to victims of disaster and war. Detailed sculpting and painting creates realism for the training of medics responding to these events. Learn More

  6. WK105 Burns Wound Kit

    Adult Burns Wound Kit (WK105)

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    Product Model: WK105

    These wounds simulate multiple burn injury types, allowing students to assess the burn type and prepare a treatment plan. Instructors can evalutate performance of burn management. Learn More

  7. Replacement Trachea Skin for Trauma HAL S3040.100 - Set of 10 (S3040.100.122)
  8. Replacement Cricothyroid Membranes for Trauma HAL S3040.100 - Set of 10 (S3040.100.037.R2)