Gynecologic Simulators
  1. S519 RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm

    RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm (S519)

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    A compact simulator designed to insert and remove Levonorgestrel (Norplant®) implants Learn More
  2. S506 Female Pelvic Organs I

    Female Pelvic Organs I (S506)

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    Uterus model featuring clear plastic window to permit viewing of correct IUD placement Learn More
  3. W90 Cervical Dilation

    Cervical Dilation (W90)

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    Product Model: W90

    This 3-dimensional, hand painted, easel model shows cervical dilation from 1-8 cm Learn More

  4. S607 Hysteroscopy Simulator

    Hysteroscopy Simulator (S607)

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    Product Model: S607

    Practice proper hysteroscopy procedures on this adult-size female lower torso skills trainer with realistic feeling anterior pelvic wall. Learn More

  5. S503 Gynecologic Simulator

    SIMA GYN/AID® Gynecologic Simulator (S503)

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    One of our most popular products! The full size female adult lower body manikin simulator gives students and educators a graphic experience and training with gynecologic exercises such as vaginal speculum examination, bi-manual pelvic examination, IUD insertion techniques, diaphragm sizing and fitting, uterine sounding, and viewing of normal and abnormal cervices. Learn More
  6. S504.100 ZOE Gynecologic Simulator

    ZOE® S504.100 - Gynecological Skills Trainer

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    Quite simply, the very best gynecologic examination simulator availabale. Designed by physicians for physicians and healthcare providers, ZOE® combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic examination and minilaparotomy. Learn More
  7. ZOE® Gynecologic Skills Trainer

    ZOE® S504.200 - Gynecological Skills Trainer

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    Model: S504.200

    The ZOE S504.200 Simulator is an adult-sized lower torso designed to add hands-on experience for learners practicing gynecologic skills. Realistic anatomy helps educators train clinical skills for easy transition to scenario-based simulations. Optional add-ons model more pathologies for expanding curricula easily with the modular design. Learn More