Gynecologic Skill Trainers
  1. RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm (S519)

    Package: S519.PK

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    The RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm is a compact simulator designed to help participants practice inserting and removing Levonorgestrel (Norplant®) implants. Learn More
  2. Obstetric Susie® S500 - The Original Childbirth Skills Trainer

    Package: S500.PK

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    The Obstetric Susie® S500 is a versatile childbirth skills trainer for practicing routine and complicated delivery techniques. Participants can practice providing care through the birthing process from delivery to postpartum care. The simulator's lifelike features ensure participants can go hands-on and practice the skills needed to provide safe and effective care during high-risk/low-frequency events. Learn More
  3. Hysteroscopy Simulator (S607)

    Package: S607.PK

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    The Hysteroscopy Simulator is an adult-sized female lower torso skills trainer used to practice proper hysteroscopy procedures. The S607 is designed with lifelike features that simulate the feel of the anterior pelvic wall and allow students to examine various internal and external pathologies. Participants can also use real equipment like a hysteroscope to work hands-on and improve their diagnostic and clinical skills. Learn More
  4. SIMA GYN/AID® Gynecologic Simulator (S503)

    Package: S503.PK

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    One of our most popular products! The full size female adult lower body manikin simulator gives students and educators a graphic experience and training with gynecologic exercises such as vaginal speculum examination, bi-manual pelvic examination, IUD insertion techniques, diaphragm sizing and fitting, uterine sounding, and viewing of normal and abnormal cervices. Learn More
  5. ZOE® S504.100 - Gynecological Skills Trainer

    Package: S504.100.PK

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    The ZOE® S504.100 Gynecological Skills Trainer is a gynecologic examination simulator used to help participants practice and develop essential gynecologic skills. Designed by physicians for physicians and healthcare providers, ZOE® combines the ability to demonstrate multiple gynecologic procedures as well as practice laparoscopic examination and minilaparotomy. Learn More
  6. ZOE® S504.200 - Gynecological Skills Trainer

    Package: S504.200.PK

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    The ZOE® S504.200 simulator is an adult-sized lower torso designed to help learners practice gynecologic skills. The simulator's realistic anatomy and collection of pathologies help learners work hands-on and develop the clinical skills needed to provide safe and effective care for a variety of gynecologic procedures. Learn More