Gaumard Ultrasound
Version 1.1.55
Release Notes • February 15th, 2024
  • Added guidance for optimal zoom use during measurements
  • Enabled image and clip review in M-Mode
  • Introduced automatic freeze during image review for immediate measurements
  • New functionality to flip 2D slices for enhanced image analysis
  • Transducer firmware update v7
Software fixes and improvements:
  • Streamlined 3D Model view control with labeled pose positions
  • Highlighted active pose button for easy identification
  • Simplified Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity toggle
  • Enhanced navigation with a redesigned interface
  • Improved visual cues for user actions in the software
  • Optimized case selection with names now displayed over two lines for readability

Updating the Gaumard Ultrasound Transducer Firmware v7:

Follow the steps below to perform the accompanying firmware update for the transducer firmware.
  1. Pair Devices: Connect the Patient Simulator to your computer via Bluetooth.
  2. Connect Probe: Plug the ultrasound probe into the UNI 3 computer's USB port.
  3. Access Settings: Open the settings menu and go to "Diagnostics" under "Current Simulator."
  4. Update Firmware: Click "File" and select "Ultrasound Probe Firmware Update."
  5. Load Firmware: Click "Load Firmware" and select the “UltrasoundProbe-7” file.
  6. Restart Software: Close and reopen the software to apply the update.
  7. Finalize Setup: Connect the updated transducer to the Gaumard Ultrasound system.