S230.40 Breast Palpation Set

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  • S230.40 Left Breast
  • S230.40 Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching
  • S230.40 Breast Palpation Set

Breast Palpation Skills Trainer Torso (S230.40)

Package: S230.40.PK


Gaumard’s new Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching combines state-of-the-art materials to create a
realistic look, feel, and texture in addition to lifelike softness and durability. The simulator incorporates a combination
of left and right breasts, including axilla regions, with a variety of masses that have distinct textures useful in
recognizing normal and abnormal conditions. This simulator offers an excellent training platform on which breast
examination techniques may be demonstrated.

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The S230.40 Breast Palpation Simulator’s six interchangeable breasts include a variety of different pathologies for training of breast examination. An assortment of malignant and benign tumors is included within both the mammary and axilla regions.

  • Features
  • Three interchangeable left breasts
  • Three interchangeable right breasts demonstrating carcinoma and the “orange skin effect, giant sarcoma, and normal breast tissue
  • Demonstrating chronic mastitis, benign growth, and scirrhous carcinoma
  • Lifelike softness, texture and look durable
  • Breasts are attached to adult upper torso and can be easily removed and re-assembled
  • The trainer can be used in either the upright or reclining position Medium skin tone standard Light or dark skin tone optional at no extra cost
  • Carrying bag instruction manual


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