Trauma HAL patient simulator strapped to stretcher next to vehicle collision while paramedics deliver ventilations

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Trauma HAL® S3040.10 - Wireless and Tetherless Point-of-Injury Care Trauma Patient Simulator

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The Trauma HAL® with OMNI® 2 is a wireless full-body trauma patient simulator with programmable bleeding and pressure sensors. The completely tetherless design and ruggedized joints make this simulator perfect for facilitating training in care under fire, point of injury care, extraction, tactical evacuation, mass casualty, patient transport, decontamination and more.

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Model: S3040.10
HAL’s tested durability and toughness are optimized for on-the-fly operation and high-volume exercises. Proven in hot or cold conditions and wet or dry environments, HAL is ready for the even the most demanding and rigorous training programs.
Two soldiers expose the torso of the Trauma HAL patient simulator to check for other injuries after dressing his wounds
Soldiers apply tourniquets to extremities of the Trauma HAL patient simulator to stop major bleeding from trauma wounds
Programmable Smart Bleeding
Arterial bleeding affected by blood pressure and heart rate, and sensors respond to pressure and tourniquets
EMS student practices safely extracting Trauma HAL patient simulator from a vehicle with guidance from two paramedics
Rugged and Resilient
Reinforced joints allow dragging and carrying for extractions, evacuations, and patient transport scenarios
An instructor views the real-time CPR performance of two paramedics attending to the Trauma HAL patient simulator
eCPR™ Real-time Feedback
Sensors detect and log ventilations and compressions, and eCPR™ performance monitoring for CPR quality evaluation
An intubation blade brings the airway into view inside the mouth of the Trauma HAL patient simulator
Anatomically Realistic Airway
Naso and oral intubation using standard ETTs with realistic airway with teeth, tongue, epiglottis, & vocal cords
Learners practice a full-body assessment on the Trauma HAL patient simulator
Spontaneous Pulses
Palpate carotid, radial, and femoral pulses synchronized with blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG
Learners defibrillate Trauma Hal with live energy from an actual defibrillator
Real Energy Defibrillation
Perform defibrillation and pacing with real AED pads. Deliver up to 360 joules of real energy directly to the simulator
The Trauma HAL patient simulator looks at and speaks to soldiers performing a full assessment on his sustained injuries
Library of Speech Responses
Prerecorded verbal responses to respond to learners’ assessment questions with just a tap
The Trauma HAL patient simulator covered in lathered soap with a sponge on the chest
CBRNe Decontamination
Water resistant to remain fully functional during soap and water decontamination spray procedure
A soldier packs a bleeding wound in the groin of the Trauma HAL patient simulator
Internal Battery for 8 hours of wireless operation
Wireless communication, tetherless operation, & internal battery for 8 hours of operation anywhere, anytime.
Trauma Care and Resuscitation with OMNI® 2
The handheld OMNI2 controller displays real-time feedback on CPR quality metrics
The new OMNI® 2 features basic life support specific simulation tools designed to help boost skill acquisition, enhance the simulated experience, and support assessment and debriefing. It’s the one handy tool that can do it all.
Real-time eCPR™ feedback
The OMNI® 2 features CPR coaching and evaluating modes. In the CPR coach mode audible tones guide compression rate and ratio for learners. In the evaluating mode real-time monitoring of CPR metrics provides feedback of time to CPR, compression depth and rate, ventilation rate and volume, “no-flow” time, and number of cycles.
The handheld OMNI2 controller displays a report of a previous session of CPR for two learners
Touchscreen Controls and Visual Display
  • Increase or decrease +35 vital signs easily with just a tap.
  • Clear view of CPR performance to spot and correct technique
  • Interactive checklists let you easily track provider actions during the exercise
  • Touch controls facilitate on-the-fly changes or trends over time
The handheld OMNI2 controller displays a log of the events that occurred in the previous simulation
Data-rich Debriefing Tools
  • Event log records actions, vital signs changes, and notes
  • Save and share session log for archiving
  • Identify and improve weak areas; save, email, and print reports
  • Time-stamped provider actions, vital signs, CPR, and instructor comments
  • Full-body adult 70 inches (178 cm), 46 pounds (20.9 kg)
  • Rugged shoulder and hip joints allow dragging and carrying
  • Splash-proof for CBRNe water spray decontamination
  • Self-contained design; all operating components and blood reservoirs stored inside the body
  • Wireless and tetherless control; at distances up to 90 Ft. (25m) Bluetooth.
  • Fully operational on battery power for up to 8hrs (AC power supported)

  • Library of prerecorded speech responses included
  • Normal, miosis (constricted), and mydriasis (blown) pupil states
  • Independent left/right pupil states simulate consensual and nonconsensual response

  • Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, and trachea
  • Articulated neck and jaw for head tilt/chin lift
  • Naso/orotracheal intubation: ETT, supraglottic airway, King LT™
  • Supports suctioning liquids from the airway and lungs
  • Visible gastric distention with esophageal intubation or excess BVM

  • Defibrillate and pace using real energy
  • Effective compressions generate palpable pulses
  • eCPR™ Real-time CPR performance monitoring
    • Time to CPR
    • Compression depth/rate
    • Chest recoil
    • Compression interruptions
    • Ventilation rate
    • Excessive ventilation
    • Time to defibrillation
  • CPR assisting tones
  • Durable chest recoil design

  • Programmable breath/throat sounds
  • Bilateral chest rise with BVM ventilations
  • Ventilation detection
  • Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation

  • Blood pressure dependent pulses
    • Bilateral carotid and femoral pulses
    • Right radial pulse
  • Femoral artery pressure sensor
  • Bilateral deltoid and quadricep intramuscular injection sites

  • Supports esophageal intubation and gastric suctioning

  • Interchangeable trauma/healthy lower left arm and leg
  • Bleeding groin wound detects applied pressure
  • Trauma site arterial bleeding synchronized with heart rate and blood pressure
  • Blood pressure dependent bleeding rate
  • Arm and leg tourniquet sensors
  • Pressure on femoral artery reduces or stops distal bleeding
  • On-board 1-liter blood reservoir
  • Automatic self-filling reservoir system
  • Responsive blood loss monitor and reservoir level

OMNI® 2 Wireless Controller
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Preprogrammed step-by-step tutorial
  • Wireless connectivity with simulator from up to 90 Ft. (25m) Bluetooth
  • Program vital sign parameters including: HR, RR, BP, and more
  • Virtual patient monitor support
  • eCPR™ Real-time CPR quality feedback

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  • Trauma HAL® S3040.10 with accessories
  • OMNI® 2 Wireless Controller
  • Battery Charger / Power Supply
  • Trauma / Healthy Lower Left Arm and Leg
  • Groin Wound Insert
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Hands-Free Blood Refill Bag
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Extended Warranty Plans Available
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