S516 Intra-Uterine Development Trainer

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  • S516 Intra-Uterine Development Trainer

Intra-Uterine Development Trainer (S516)

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The Intra-Uterine Development Trainer combines Gaumard's Fetal Ultrasound Trainer with a series of eight models depicting a developing fetus inside coronally dissected uteri useful for gynecological skills training. Anatomically accurate and lifelike, the S516 adds valuable information about normal and abnormal fetal conditions in each trimester.

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  • View over 200 digital videos with accompanying text describing normal and abnormal fetal conditions during the first, second, and third trimesters
  • A superb sagittal view artwork model that displays the internal and external structures of female pelvic anatomy. This model is perfect for use in secondary school classrooms or patient education by a physician or a healthcare provider
  • Let your students touch and feel the models of the developing fetuses. Educators confirm the positive effect of holding a fetal model. It is an enormous and significant benefit in the classroom
  • Second and third trimester fetuses are removable
  • Anatomically accurate
  • Mounted on smoked Lucite® base
Package Contents
  • Intra-Uterine Development Trainer S516
  • CD-ROM used with Windows
  • Instruction manual


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