NOELLE with Newborn Maternal Care and Neonatal Resuscitation Simulation Package; NOELLE in bed and baby in warmer.

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NOELLE® with Newborn S554.100 - Maternal Care and Neonatal Resuscitation Simulation Package

Package: S554.100.PK


The NOELLE® and Newborn package is a complete simulation-based obstetric care and neonatal resuscitation education and training solution. This turnkey solution includes a NOELLE childbirth patient simulator, a full-term newborn, UNI® control Laptop PCs, a Gaumard Vitals® patient monitor, Labor & Delivery Simulation Learning Experience® Courseware package, and accessories.

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Includes the New Labor & Delivery Simulation
Learning Experience Package
Manage the Full Simulation Experience
from One Intuitive Interface.
The UNI® simulator control software puts all the best simulation tools at your fingertips. UNI helps you run more realistic scenarios with less effort, automate tasks to make operation easier, and capture more useful participant data for richer debriefing. Best of all, UNI comes preinstalled in a powerful Laptop PC, allowing you to work conveniently anywhere training needs to take place.
Wireless tablet running UNI, the unified simulator control software, and virtual monitor displaying NOELLE vitals
  • Full-size NOELLE maternal patient simulator
  • Full-term intubatable newborn
  • 9 Labor and Delivery SLEs
  • Facilitator’s Guidebook
  • Maternal speech
  • Normal, miosis (constricted), and mydriasis (blown) pupil states
  • Independent left/right pupil states simulate consensual and nonconsensual response
  • eCPR® measures and logs compressions and ventilations
  • Maternal vital signs monitor
  • Fetal heart tones and neonatal vital signs monitor
  • Precision delivery system
  • Programmable normal, breech, shoulder dystocia, and C-section
  • Programmable eclampsia w/seizures
  • Intubatable airway with chest rise
  • IV arms for meds/fluids
  • Removable stomach cover
  • Force and fetal shoulder position measured and graphed in real time
  • Programmable postpartum hemorrhage
  • Birthing fetus with placentas and umbilical cords
  • Bilateral radial pulses

Newborn with Cyanosis and Pulses
  • Full-term intubatable newborn with cyanosis and pulses
  • eCPR® measures and logs compressions and ventilations
  • Realistic heart and lung sounds
  • Realistic crying

Simulated Vital Signs Monitor
  • Touchscreen all-in-one PC preloaded with Gaumard Vitals®
  • Display up to 8 vital parameters including HR, ABP, RR, CO2, SpO2, temperature, NIBP, and time
  • Select up to 5 dynamic waveforms including ECG II, ABP, respiration, CO2, and pulse oximetry
  • Perinatal monitor with programmable uterine activity and fetal heart rate

Control Laptop
  • UNI® Laptop PC
  • USB module with connection to NOELLE® and her Newborn
  • Wireless communications between laptop and touchscreen monitors
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  • NOELLE® Maternal Patient Simulator
  • Newborn Patient Simulator
  • Laptop PC preloaded with the UNI® Control Software
  • Labor & Delivery SLE Courseware Package
  • Virtual Patient Monitor PC preloaded with Gaumard Vitals Software
  • Accessories
  • Soft carrying case
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Limited Warrant
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