NOELLE birthing patient simulator in hospital gown and newborn Tory simulator receiving assisted ventilations

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NOELLE® with Newborn TORY® S575.100 - Advanced Maternal and Neonatal Care Simulation Package

Package: S575.100.PK


The NOELLE and Newborn TORY package is a complete simulation-based obstetric and neonatal care education and training solution for one great price. This turnkey solution includes a NOELLE wireless and tetherless childbirth patient simulator, a Newborn TORY wireless and tetherless full-term neonate, two UNI® control tablet PCs, a Gaumard Vitals® patient monitor, Labor & Delivery and Neonatal Care Simulation Learning Experience® Courseware packages, and accessories.

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NOELLE birthing patient simulator in hospital gown and newborn Tory simulator receiving assisted ventilations
A Comprehensive Obstetric and Neonatal Care Simulation Solution
Package: S575.100.PK
The NOELLE® with Newborn TORY® Package is a value-packed, turnkey solution designed to help students and staff develop the skills to manage antepartum complications, routine and high-risk deliveries, and postpartum emergency scenarios as well as neonatal assessment, resuscitation, and stabilization.
A simulated birthing baby is curled into the fetal position inside a simulated amniotic sac
Realistic Fetal Palpation
Realistic amniotic sac inside palpation abdominal cover creates a natural and realistic feel when practicing palpation exercises.
The simulated birthing baby is connected to the automated delivery system via a port in the buttocks
Automated Precision Delivery System
NOELLE’s automatic delivery system moves the fetus throughout the labor stages for repeatable, lifelike births. Built-in sensors track participant interactions and give you real-time performance feedback.
A learner uses a vacuum delivery device to practice applying gentle traction to the simulated baby as it delivers
Assisted Delivery
Practice vacuum-assisted extraction and forceps deliveries.
The simulated birthing baby presents in the breech position, with the entire buttocks delivering before the feet or head
Breech Delivery
Practice vaginal breech deliveries and free the legs using the Pinard maneuver.
A learner delivers the birthing baby via c-section, multiple layers of the simulated abdomen flex under pressure
C-section Delivery
NOELLE lets participants practice C-section deliveries using real surgical instruments to hone psychomotor skills for incisions, fetal extractions, and suturing.
A learner helps NOELLE birthing patient simulator laboring on hands and knees to alleviate shoulder dystocia
Dystocia Management
Simulate an obstructed labor, including a lifelike shoulder dystocia complication. Practice management techniques and maneuvers such as McRoberts, Woods' screw, “hands and knees,” and much more.
A learner uses needle, thread, and tweezers to repair a simulated 4th-degree perineal tear after a labor scenario
Episiotomy Repair
NOELLE’s episiotomy repair inserts simulate human tissue and can repeatedly be sutured. Inserts feel and look real.
Boggy uterus is inside the NOELLE patient simulator. Hoses connect it to the torso for uterine bleeding during PPH
Postpartum Activity
Use the postpartum uterus and program PPH, perform a fundal massage, practice episiotomy repair, and insert and inflate a Bakri Balloon.
A learner shines a penlight in the eye of the NOELLE patient simulator; the eye constricts in response to the light
Patient Assessment
Programmable lifelike blinking, pupil reaction, convulsions, chest rise, and much more.
Meet Newborn TORY® S2210
Tetherless and Wireless Full-Term Neonatal Simulator
Newborn Tory patient simulator connected to various sensors while learner provides assisted ventilations
Newborn TORY S2210 is a realistic, full-term, wireless and tetherless newborn patient simulator designed for practicing assessment, stabilization, resuscitation, transport, and hand-off protocols. Tory is controlled by an intuitive and powerful UNI tablet and includes eight Neonatal Care Simulation Learning Experiences as well as a facilitator’s guide for planning, setting up, and facilitating each learning experience.
Includes the New Labor & Delivery Simulation
Learning Experience Package
Binder of labor and delivery simulation learning experiences
The new NOELLE Labor & Delivery Simulation Learning Experiences (SLEs) package provides you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help you maximize participant learning.
Scenario Content Mapped to Your Educational Objectives
Each SLE is mapped to the NCLEX-RN©, the BSN Essentials, and incorporates QSEN and IPEC competencies to help learners successfully transfer their knowledge and skills to future clinical situations.
  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism
  • Breech Vaginal Delivery
  • Magnesium Toxicity
  • Normal Vaginal Delivery
  • Placental Abruption
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • Preeclampsia
  • Prolapsed Cord
  • Shoulder Dystocia
Powerful, Preprogrammed UNI Scenarios
Every Labor & Delivery SLE includes an accompanying UNI® Preprogrammed Scenario which automatically manages the patient’s symptoms, vitals, and responses. UNI® Preprogrammed Scenarios help reduce the operator’s workload, increase realism, and standardize your simulation events.
  • Physiologically accurate: symptoms, vitals, and responses validated through evidence-based clinical research
  • Smart automation: automated responses to select provider actions. Play, pause, or restart at any time
  • Monitor and track: log participants’ actions via built-in event tracker
  • Flexible: easily adjust vital signs on-the-fly when needed
  • Repeatable: consistent presentations allow for standardized assessment across groups of participants
Strategic Guide for Facilitating Learning
The Facilitator’s Guide is a comprehensive resource for planning, setting up, and facilitating the SLEs so you can quickly incorporate NOELLE into your education program. Each SLE includes the following sections:
  • Purpose of the SLE
  • Evidence-based rationale
  • Learning Objectives
  • Competencies Addressed
  • Recommended Psychomotor Skills
  • Suggested Supplies for the Scenario
  • Pre-briefing Report
  • Relevant Patient History
  • List of Expected Participant Actions
  • Scenario Flowchart
Manage the Full Simulation Experience
from One Intuitive Interface.
The UNI® simulator control software puts all the best simulation tools at your fingertips. UNI helps you run more realistic scenarios with less effort, automate tasks to make operation easier, and capture more useful participant data for richer debriefing. Best of all, UNI comes preinstalled in the powerful and lightweight Microsoft Surface Pro tablet PC, allowing you to work conveniently anywhere training takes place.
Wireless tablet running UNI, the unified simulator control software, and virtual monitor displaying NOELLE vitals
A graph in the UNI control software representing fetal descent over time for NOELLE birthing patient simulator
Labor Control And Descent Curve
Define labor variables such as labor duration, delivery position, contraction response, and much more. The descent curve graph defines the position of the fetal head relative to the ischial spines.
A virtual TOCO strip in UNI showing fetal heart rate and contraction frequency, duration, and intensity
Perinatal Monitor
Easy instructor access to the dynamic Perinatal Monitor right from the tablet PC.
UNI control interface for changing the rotation of the simulated birthing baby during delivery
Cardinal Movements
Precise control over both fetal translation and rotation. Start delivery at ROA, LOA, LOP, or ROP.
  • Wireless and Tetherless and fully responsive even while being transported 1
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 3 hrs. of tetherless operation 2
  • Supports continuous operation on AC power
  • Pneumatic and fluid reservoirs are housed inside the body

Labor and Delivery
  • NOELLE® Fetus-Newborn wireless link capability
  • Automatic and fully programmable birthing mechanism simulates descent and cardinal movements
  • Precise labor scenario repeatability for competency-based training and assessment
  • Programmable normal, breech, shoulder dystocia, instrument-assisted delivery, and C- section
  • 9 Labor and Delivery SLEs
  • Facilitator’s Guidebook
  • Supports Leopold’s Maneuvers and external cephalic version
  • Epidural placement and needle detection; palpable anatomical landmarks and skin layers
  • Force sensors monitor traction applied to the fetus in real-time
  • Anatomic landmarks include bilateral ischial spines, coccyx, and pubic bone
  • Realistic birth canal with dilating cervix
  • Fetus rotates, dips, and rises during delivery
  • Palpable contractions
  • Programmable intrapartum bleeding
  • Supports McRoberts maneuvers
  • Supports Woods' screw, arm sweeps, and Lovset
  • Postpartum: palpable fundus with programmable uterine contractions
  • Uterine bleeding: manage uterine hemorrhage using medications or a balloon tamponade
  • Episiotomy repair inserts simulate human tissue that can be sutured closed repeatedly

  • Programmable blinking, dilation, and eye response to light
  • Programmable duration and intensity of convulsions
  • Prerecorded responses
  • Wireless streaming voice: be the voice of Noelle and listen to the participants’ responses via a wireless headset

  • Program tongue edema and pharyngeal swelling
  • Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing
  • Nasal or oral intubation
  • Sensors detect depth of intubation
  • Supports Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation
  • Supports conventional airway adjuncts

  • Automatic chest rise is synchronized with respiratory patterns
  • Normal and abnormal breath sounds
  • Independent left or right lung sounds synchronized with breathing
  • Ventilation may be assisted using BVM, ETT, or LMA
  • Ventilations are measured and logged
  • Detection and logging of ventilations and compressions
  • eCPR® – Monitor rate and compression depth, no-flow time, ventilation rate, and excessive ventilation. The smart trainer features vocal cues and outputs performance reports.
  • Chest compressions generate palpable blood pressure waveform and ECG artifacts
  • Normal and abnormal heart sounds
  • Heart sounds synchronized with ECG
  • ECGs are generated in real-time with physiologic variations

  • Measure blood pressure by palpation or auscultation using real instruments
  • Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
  • Oxygen saturation detected using real monitors
  • Bilateral carotid, radial, and brachial pulses synchronized with ECG
  • Pulse sites synchronized with BP and heart rate
  • Bilateral IV arms with fill/drain sites
  • Optional drug recognition system
  • SubQ and IM injection sites
  • Chest compressions are measured and logged
  • ECG monitoring using real devices
  • Defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace using real devices

Virtual Patient and Toco Monitor
  • Touchscreen patient monitor preloaded with Gaumard Vitals
  • Programmable uterine activity
  • Control contraction frequency, duration, intensity, resting tone, and decels
  • Program fetal heart rate and baseline variability
  • Control episodic, periodic, and variable changes
  • Generate FHR patterns at any time
  • Virtually monitor FHR via External Fetal Monitoring or the Fetal Spinal Electrode Mode
  • Review up to 2 hours of recorded fetal tracings
  • Save/print fetal tracings for debriefing
  • Interactive virtual patient monitor displays vital signs in real-time
  • Customizable layout mimics real patient monitors
  • Display simulated ultrasounds, CT scans, lab results, x-rays

Newborn TORY® S2210
  • 40-Week Full-term Newborn Simulator
  • UNI® Tablet PC
  • Neonatal Care SLE Courseware Package
  • Accessories
  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty
Package contents icon
  • NOELLE, Advanced Maternal and Neonatal Patient Simulator
  • Newborn TORY® S2210 Tetherless Patient Simulator
  • (2) Microsoft® Surface Pro Tablets PC preloaded with UNI
  • Labor & Delivery Courseware Package with 9 SLEs and Facilitator's Guidebook
  • Neonatal Care Courseware with 8 SLEs and Facilitator's Guidebook
  • Virtual Patient Monitor PC preloaded with Gaumard Vitals Software
  • Accessories
  • Soft carrying case
  • User Manual
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
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