S607 Hysteroscopy Simulator

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  • S607 Hysteroscopy Simulator
  • Hysteroscope used to study internal walls of normal and abnormal uteri

Hysteroscopy Simulator (S607)

Package: S607.PK


The Hysteroscopy Simulator is an adult-sized female lower torso skills trainer used to practice proper hysteroscopy procedures. The S607 is designed with lifelike features that simulate the feel of the anterior pelvic wall and allow students to examine various internal and external pathologies. Participants can also use real equipment like a hysteroscope to work hands-on and improve their diagnostic and clinical skills.

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  • Adult-sized female lower torso with removable soft outer skin
  • Seamless, flexible skin for practice of speculum placement
  • Seven interchangeable uteri including internal and external representation: healthy normal, endometrial polyposis, fibroids, early and advanced carcinoma of the endometrium, torsion of sloughing fibroids, and carcinoma of the fundus
  • Simulate bimanual examinations to palpate normal and abnormal uteri
  • Includes carrying case


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