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Born to Revolutionize Neonatal Care Training.
Super Tory is the first newborn simulator developed to meet the challenges of neonatal care specialist training in real environments. Active movement, true ventilator support, real patient monitoring, and all-day battery life. These are just a few of the revolutionary new capabilities which allow Super Tory to simulate complex pathologies and respond to interventions with unparalleled realism.
The next generation in simulation is here.
  • •   Age: Full-term newborn
  • •   Weight: 8 lbs.
  • •   Length: 21 in.
  • •   Tetherless and wireless; fully responsive during transport 1
  • •   Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hr. of tetherless operation 2
  • •   Smooth and supple full-body skin with seamless trunk and limb joints
  • •   Programmable movement: blinking, mouth open and close, arm and leg flexion and extension
  • •   Realistic joint articulation: neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee
  • •   Forearm pronation and supination
  • •   Lifelike umbilicus and post cord detachment navel
  • •   Palpable bony landmarks
  • •   Near-silent operation
  • •   NOELLE® Fetus-Newborn wireless link capability
  • •   Tablet PC preloaded with UNI® included
  • •   OMNI®2 ready
  • •   Crying/grunting with visible mouth movement
  • •   Blinking eyes
  • •   Seizures/convulsions
  • •   Programmable muscle tone: active, reduced, and limp
  • •   Anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway
  • •   Nasotracheal/orotracheal intubation (ETT, laryngeal airway)
  • •   Head tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust
  • •   Supports esophageal intubation
  • •   NG/OG tube placement
  • •   Bag-valve-mask ventilation support
  • •   Neck hyperextension and flexion airway obstruction with event capture and logging
  • •   Intubation depth detection and software event log
  • •   Spontaneous, continuous breathing
  • •   Variable respiratory rates and inspiratory/ expiratory ratios
  • •   Programmable unilateral chest rise and fall
  • •   Unilateral lung sounds synchronized with respiratory rate
  • •   Programmable retractions, "see-saw" breathing
  • •   Mechanical ventilation support
    •      A/C, SIMV, CPAP, PCV, PSV, NIPPV
    •      Supports PEEP (up to 20 cmH2O)
    •      Dynamic airway and lung controls
    •      Variable lung compliance
    •      Bilateral bronchi resistance
  • •   Programmable respiratory efforts for weaning/liberation
  • •   Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation (Automatic detection and logging)
  • •   Real-time ventilation feedback
  • •   Bilateral, midaxillary pneumothorax sites support needle decompression and chest tube insertion
  • •   Pneumothorax sites feature palpable bony landmarks, realistic skin for cutting and suturing, bleeding, tactile pleural pop, and fluid drain
  • •   Visible chest rise during bag-valve-mask ventilation
  • •   Supports EtCO2 monitoring using real sensors and monitoring devices
  • •   Visible cyanosis, jaundice, paleness, and redness with variable intensities
  • •   Supports manual capillary refill time assessment on the left foot (Automatic detection and logging)
  • •   Programmable fontanel: depressed, normal, and bulging
  • •   Palpable pulses: brachial, femoral, and umbilical
  • •   Pulse palpation event detection and logging
  • •   Blood pressure-dependent pulses
  • •   Supports blood pressure monitoring using real NIBP cuff
  • •   Audible Korotkoff sounds
  • •   Preductal (right hand) and postductal (right foot) SpO2 monitoring using real devices
  • •   Includes comprehensive library of ECG rhythms with customizable beat variations
  • •   Supports ECG monitoring using real devices
  • •   Supports ECG-derived respiration monitoring (EDR)
  • •   eCPR™ Real-time quality feedback and reporting
    •  Time to CPR
    •  Compression depth/rate
    •  Compression interruptions
    •  Ventilation rate
    •  Excessive ventilation
    •  Smart CPR voice coach
  • •   Chest compression depth sensor
  • •   Defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace using real devices and energy
  • •   Effective chest compressions generate palpable femoral pulses and ECG activity
  • •   Healthy and abnormal heart sounds
  • •   Supports virtual pacing and defibrillation
Vascular Access
  • •   IV cannulation: bolus, infusion, and sampling
    •      Hand
    •      Scalp
    •      Umbilicus
  • •   Umbilical catheterization (UVC/UAC): continuous infusion and sampling
  • •   Bilateral IO tibial infusion
  • •   Programmable abdominal distension
  • •   Urinary catheterization with return
  • •   Normal and abnormal bowel sounds


Product Model: S2220
Seeing is More than Just Believing.
Introducing Active Robotics and Facial Expressions.
Every visual assessment provides a wealth of health information. That’s why Super Tory features lifelike limb and facial movements and programmable skin coloration that can simulate the range of visual cues seen in ill and healthy newborns.
Super Tory offers a new kind of simulation experience. It engages the participant's emotions, promotes suspension of disbelief, and helps create lasting memories.
  • •   Full-term newborn: 8 lbs. 21 in.
  • •   Wireless and tetherless: up to 8 hours
  • •   Smooth and supple full-body skin
  • •   Crying and grunting
  • •   Programmable dynamic lung compliance
  • •   Normal and abnormal heart and lung sounds
  • •   Blood pressure-dependent palpable pulses
  • •   Programmable movement
    •  Mouth: gasping and clenching
    •  Blinking rate, eyes opened/closed
    •  Arm, leg, wrist flexion, and extension
    •  Seizures: single limb, unilateral, or full-body movement
Available Skin Tones at No Extra Charge



Drive a Full Simulation Experience
from One Intuitive Interface.
UNI® features precise physiological touch-based controls, task automation, real-time feedback, and automatic data capture tools designed to operate seamlessly, even during the most complex scenarios.
Optimized For On-The-Fly Control
The UNI touchscreen interface lets you quickly and easily adjust vital sign parameters with just a few taps.
Preprogrammed Scenario Library
UNI includes 10 Neonatal Care preprogrammed SLE Scenarios designed to help increase realism, reduce the operator’s workload, and standardize simulation events.
Monitor rate and compression depth, no-flow time, ventilation rate, and excessive ventilation; smart trainer features vocal cues and generates performance reports.
Lab Report Designer
Generate and share simulated diagnostic lab results to enhance case fidelity and participant involvement.
Time-stamped Event Recording And Reporting
The automated event tracking and interaction recorder ensures important events are always captured so you can focus on the action.
Provider Actions Tracker
The interactive “Provider Actions” panel lets you carefully track additional team and individual provider actions to generate a comprehensive post-simulation log.
No Annual Software License Fee
Gaumard is committed to providing you the best value and keeping your program’s operating costs down year after year.
Free Software Updates
Always stay up-to-date and take advantage of all the newest features at no additional cost.
Includes the new SUPER TORY Neonatal Care Simulation Learning Experiences™ Package
The Super Tory Neonatal Care Simulation Learning Experiences (SLEs) courseware provides you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help you maximize participant’s learning through outcome-focused simulated clinical patient encounters.
The package includes 10 SLEs complete with a facilitator’s guidebook for planning, setting up, and facilitating each learning experience.
  • •   Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • •   Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia with Pulmonary Hypertension
  • •   Diaphragmatic Hernia
  • •   Drug-Exposed Infant/Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
  • •   Early-Onset Sepsis
  • •   Hyperbilirubinemia
  • •   Late-Onset Sepsis
  • •   Nuchal Cord
  • •   Pneumonia
  • •   Shoulder Dystocia
True-to-Life Neonatal Resuscitation
and Stabilization Scenarios.
Super Tory introduces a new level of anatomical and physiological fidelity that allows participants to rehearse advanced-level algorithms, without compromising technique or clinical guidelines.
Anatomically accurate airway.
Hand, scalp, umbilicus, IO access.
Continuous UAC/UVC infusion.
Pre- and postductal SpO2.
  • •   SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring using real sensors
  • •   Intubation depth and neck hyperextension/flexion detection
  • •   Defibrillate, cardiovert, and pace using real equipment and energy
  • •   Visible chest rise following guideline-recommended flow, PIP, and PEEP values
  • •   eCPR™ Real-time quality feedback and reporting
    •  Compression depth, rate, and interruption duration
    •  Ventilation rate and duration
    •  Smart CPR voice coach
    •  Performance report summary
Uninterrupted Critical Care Transport.
Transport, handoffs, NICU evac drills, and more. Super Tory remains fully functional in transit thanks to its extra-long battery life and proven wireless technology.
Internal Rechargeable Battery
Up to 8 hrs. of Tetherless Operation 2
A Leap In NICU Simulation. True Ventilator Support.
Real Patient Monitoring. And Much More.
The breakthrough respiratory system design in Super Tory accurately responds to mechanical ventilation support like a real newborn, while making it possible to adjust pulmonary function on the fly. Simply tap the UNI controls to decrease dynamic lung compliance and see the change from uniform chest rise, visible with as little as 15 cmH2O, to the high recoil associated with stiff lungs. These advanced features allow Super Tory to simulate the progression of respiratory disease through treatment, weaning, and rehabilitation with the highest degree of physiological accuracy.
  • •   Modes supported include: ACV, SIMV, CPAP, PCV, PSV, NIPPV
  • •   Programmable respiratory patterns, retractions, "see-saw" breathing, and abdominal distension
  • •   Supports therapeutic levels of PEEP
  • •   Programmable airway and lung function:
    •  Dynamic lung compliance (low to high)
    •  Bilateral bronchi resistance
    •  Respiratory effort: triggers ventilator during weaning
  • •   Bilateral, midaxillary surgical sites for needle decompression and chest tube procedures
    •  Palpable bony landmarks
    •  Realistic skin supports cutting and suturing
    •  Sites bleed when cut and release fluid upon tube insertion
    •  Tactile pleural "pop"
Sunken, bulging, or normal fontanel.
Capillary refill time testing.
Retractions, "see-saw" breathing.
Bilateral Pneumothorax.
Learn at Your Pace.
From Anywhere. Anytime.
The new Super Tory How-to Video Series included with your package features a collection of basic instructional videos designed to walk you through setting up and operating many of Super Tory’s best features.
Train in Real Environments Using
Real Tools and Devices.
Super Tory supports the use of real monitoring devices and sensors, just like a real baby. That means participants can train in familiar settings using the very same tools and protocols that will be used in real situations.
  • •   ECG monitoring
  • •   ECG-derived respiration monitoring
  • •   Pre- and postductal SpO2 monitoring
  • •   Oscillometric NIBP
  • •   Live pacing and defibrillation
  • •   Capnography

Patented; other patents pending.
1. Maximum wireless range will vary depending on environmental factors and conditions.
2. Battery life estimates dependent on active features and settings; results may vary.
Priced without options, discounts, or special offers. Taxes and other fees not included. Extended service plans, product installation, and training services are available. Product design and price subject to change without notice. All trademarks and/or copyright materials are the property of their respective owners. © 2020 Gaumard Scientific. Patented; other patents pending. All Rights Reserved. MADE IN USA.
The Most Advanced Newborn Simulator
Product Model: S2220
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