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  1. SUSIE patient simulator in hospital gown with SLE scenario guide and wireless
    SUSIE® S1001 - Nursing Care Patient Simulator and SLE Education Package
    The new SUSIE S1001 is a wireless and tetherless patient simulator and learning resource package designed to help you deliver the most effective simulation learning experiences (SLEs) possible and ensure learners' success. SUSIE is ready-for-use out of the box for rapid integration into nursing curricula of all levels.
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  2. HAL® S1020 Emergency Care Simulator
    HAL® S1020 - 12-Lead ECG Skills Trainer
    The HAL® S1020 is a 12-lead ECG skill trainer with an integrated myocardial infarction (MI) model to help participants improve diagnostic skills and ECG interpretation skills.
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  3. HAL® S1030 Dynamic Airway and Lung Compliance Simulator
    HAL® S1030 - Dynamic Airway and Lung Compliance Simulator
    HAL® S1030 is a full-body, computer-controlled patient simulator designed for training respiratory care students and professionals on the treatment and management of respiratory diseases using a real mechanical ventilator. Just like a real patient, HAL® features a lifelike airway, can hold PEEP from 5 to 25 cmH2O, trigger the vent’s breath assist, change lung compliance and bilateral bronchial airway resistance, exhale real CO2, and much more. Together, these features allow educators to simulate diseases and conditions such as ARDS, COPD, and asthma, as seen in real life.
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