Newborn Trauma/Abuse Wound Kit (WK165)

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The Newborn Trauma and Abuse Wound Kit helps students practice how to identify and evaluate suspected child abuse and neglect victims. These wounds can be used with a variety of Gaumard® newborn simulators and placed in multiple locations on the body to help participants develop the skills needed to assess, identify, and provide care for accidental and non-accidental trauma.

  • 4 wound types
    • Cephalohematoma
    • Cigarette Burn
    • Fingerprint Bruise
    • Depressed Skull Fracture
  • 7 Total wounds
  • Compatible with Super Tory® S2220, Newborn Tory® S2210, Newborn HAL® S3010, Premie HAL® S3009, and Code Blue® III Neonate S300.110
  • Specially formulated silicone provides realism not seen in vinyl trauma kits
  • Tough and resilient, will not fall off while caring for wounds
  • Specify light, medium, or dark skin tone at no extra charge
  • Includes carrying case

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