Gaumard Simulators
Innovating Health Care For the Future
Generated through years of research, Gaumard presents their full and diverse line of simulators below. Our simulators vary from full body to partial body and tetherless or tethered to accommodate every and any need.

Gaumard Products by Category
Advanced Multipurpose HAL patient simulator connected to real 12-Lead ECG. View Products Accesories
Pediatric/Neonatal Care
A learner ventilates the S3009 Premie HAL patient simulator.
Emergency/Advanced Life Support
Learners perform CPR on a HAL patient simulator. View Products Accesories
Surgical Care
Learners practice surgical procedures with retractors, scalpel, and forceps on the Surgical CHLOE patient simulator. View Products Accesories
Nursing Care
A learner shines a light in the eye of a SUSIE patient simulator; the eye constricts in response to the light. View Products Accesories
A learner checks the circuit connecting the Advanced Multipurpose HAL patient simulator to a mechanical ventilator. View Products Accesories
Basic Life Support
A learner practices compressions on the CPR Simon patient simulator. View Products Accesories
Nursing Skill Trainers
A learner auscultates Korotkoff sounds on the S415.100 Blood Pressure Training Arm. View Products Accesories
Women’s Health Skills Trainers
A learner palpates to identify abnormal pathologies on the Breast Examination Skills Trainer Torso.
Men’s Health Skills Trainers
The ZACK Multipurpose Male Care Task Trainer.
Wound Kits
Second-degree burn moulage kit on a HAL patient simulator.
Learning Modules
The NewroSim module simulates the cerebrovascular function on the advanced multipurpose HAL patient simulator.
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