Gaumard Vitals™ Portable Virtual Patient Monitor for Gaumard Patients

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Gaumard Vitals Portable

The Gaumard Vitals™ Portable Patient Monitor offers participants the functionality and versatility of a wireless transport patient monitor. Participants can practice vital sign documentation and interpretation skills with Gaumard patient simulators and skills trainers at the bedside, in transit, or in the field. Compatible with both UNI® and OMNI® 2, the Portable Patient Monitor helps you create immersive scenarios to enhance simulation-based learning.

Highly Realistic, Virtual Patient Monitoring to Enhance Simulation-based Learning in Any Setting

The Gaumard Vitals™ Portable Patient Monitor allows participants to practice capturing and monitoring Gaumard patient vitals at the bedside, in transit, or in the field just as they would with a real patient.


Layout Designer

The built-in Layout Designer gives you the freedom to simulate real patient monitors. Select the color and placement of all waveforms and numeric values to give students a jump-start on vital sign interpretation and documentation on all the common monitor brands.


12-lead virtual ECG Strip

The bedside virtual vital signs monitor is equipped with an on-demand, 12-lead virtual ECG strip. Now participants can practice assessing and interpreting heart rhythms to determine which interventions are best as well as the effectiveness of the selected treatment.


Virtual Defibrillation Panel

Easily recreate emergency cardiac scenarios and allow participants to respond with the Virtual Defibrillation panel. Students can practice cardioversion, pacing, and defibrillation as they develop the teamwork and leadership skills needed to provide lifesaving interventions.



Examine the vital sign trends that occurred during the simulation with the histogram feature. Isolate a specific vital or look at them collectively for enriched debriefing sessions.

  • 12” touchscreen tablet preinstalled with Gaumard Vitals™ software
  • 5 pre-built, intuitive patient monitoring layouts
  • Completely customizable screen to simulate common, real patient monitor layouts
  • 20+ dynamic scalars and waveforms including HR, ABP, SpO2, RR, EtCO2, temperature, time, and more
  • Virtual 12-Lead ECG Monitoring
  • Includes layouts for a single patient, obstetric with fetal monitor, and obstetric with newborn
  • Built-in CTG/Fetal Monitor includes dynamic FHR and uterine contraction traces

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