Premie™ Blue S108 - Premature Newborn Simulator with SmartSkin™ and OMNI

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The Premie™ Blue depicts a 28-week premature infant and includes an injection arm and intraosseous leg. Students can intubate the simulator as well as perform BVM and CPR. Premie™ Blue changes color based upon an initial pre-selected condition and measures the effectiveness of airway ventilation and chest compression.

  • 28-week articulating PREMIE™
  • Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus for airway management exercises
  • Realistic internal organs for unparalleled CPR performance
  • Simulate “heel-stick” maneuver for capillary blood sampling
  • BVM and CPR skills training exercises
  • Oral and nasal intubation
  • Simulate suction procedures
  • Bilateral lung expansion with realistic chest rise
  • View peripheral and central cyanosis as well as healthy skin tone
  • Use monitor to select rates of improvement and deterioration
  • Watch skin color change in response to the efforts of your student
  • Pulse umbilicus using squeeze bulb
  • Practice placement of umbilical lines
  • Simulate CPR with either two-thumb “encircling” technique or two-finger alternate compression method
  • Practice delicate intraosseous access
  • Practice injection and intravenous techniques

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