Premie™ Blue S108.250 - Premature Newborn Patient Simulator with SmartSkin™ and OMNI® 2

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Premie™ Blue is a 28-week neonate patient simulator designed to aid in the training of preterm care and resuscitation skills. The Premie™ S108.250 features the new wireless OMNI® 2 control tablet, which offers real-time CPR quality feedback, virtual monitor support, and debriefing tools.

Premie™ Blue Simulator with SMARTSKIN™ and OMNI® 2

Model: S108.250

Premie™ Blue is a 28-week neonate patient simulator designated to aid in the training of preterm care and resuscitation skills.


Intubatable Airway

Supports oral or nasal intubation using standard devices and feeding.


eCPR™ Real-time Feedback

Monitor and record chest compression and ventilation quality in real-time.


Visible Chest Rise

Realistic bilateral lung expansion with bag valve mask ventilation.


Intravenous Access

Right arm vein supports drawing and infusion.


Umbilical Catheterization

Umbilical vein supports cannulation and infusion.


Intraosseous Access

Right tibia bone supports access and infusion.

Neonatal Resuscitation Training With OMNI® 2

The OMNI 2 touch interface and control elements are easy to learn and use. And because it's wireless, you have the freedom to control, monitor, and debrief from anywhere in the room.

*Virtual Patient Monitor is an optional product

Wireless Virtual Patient Monitor Support

Train measurement, interpretation and documentation of vital signs to improve planing and decision making skills. The Gaumard® Virtual patient monitor mimics standard patient monitors readings including: temp, HR, RR , pre and post-ductal OSAT, BP, glucose, and much more.

eCPR™ - Real-time Resuscitation Feedback

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your CPR training by monitoring metrics such as rate and depth in real-time. eCPR also offers performance reports to help you identify weak areas in performance and for keeping records of your training sessions.


Respiratory Distress Model

Progress the scenario to require advanced treatment by adjusting the severity of respiratory distress with just one touch. Additionally, effective ventilations automatically return visible peripheral and central cyanosis to healthy skin.


Algorithm Checklist

Easily track algorithm objectives for more effective debriefing sessions.

  • Full-body, 28-week premature infant
  • Built-in OMNI® 2 wireless connectivity
  • Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus for airway management exercises
  • Support oral or nasal intubation plus suctioning using standard devices
  • eCPR™ - Real-time CPR quality metrics with performance reporting
    • Compression depth and rate
    • Ventilation rate
    • Excessive ventilation
    • No-flow time
    • CPR cycles
  • Realistic internal organs and anatomical landmarks for CPR hand placement
  • Simulate "heel-stick" maneuver for capillary blood sample
  • Realistic bilateral lung expansion with bag valve mask ventilation
  • Programmable peripheral and central cyanosis as well as healthy skin tone
  • Watch skin color change in response to the efforts of your student
  • Palpable umbilical pulse (Bulb)
  • Practice placement of umbilical lines
  • Simulate CPR with either two-thumb “encircling” technique or two-finger alternate compression method
  • Practice delicate intraosseous access
  • Intravenous (IV) access on right arm supports drawing and infusion of fluids
  • Articulating head, arms, legs
  • Premie™ Blue neonate simulator with wireless OMNI® 2 capability
  • OMNI® 2 wireless control tablet
  • Consumable replacements
  • Power supply
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying bag

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