Pediatric 1 / 5 Year

Pediatric 1 & 5 Year

Tetherless Simulators
  1. Pediatric HAL® S2225

    Pediatric HAL® S2225 - Wireless and Tetherless Pediatric Patient Simulator

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    Pediatric HAL® is the world's most advanced pediatric patient simulator and the first capable of simulating lifelike emotions through dynamic facial expressions, movement, and speech. HAL is designed to help providers of all levels develop the specialized skills needed to effectively communicate, diagnose, and treat young patients in nearly all clinical areas.
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  2. Pedi HAL® S3005

    Pediatric HAL® S3005 - Wireless and Tetherless, Five-Year-Old Patient Simulator

    Package: S3005.PK

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    Simulation Made Easy®. Proven HAL® technology. Tetherless with wireless communications. Fully responsive, even during transport. Wireless streaming audio. Automatic or instructor control. New and improved airway features.
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  3. Pedi HAL® S3004

    Pediatric HAL® S3004 - Wireless and Tetherless, One-Year-Old Patient Simulator

    Package: S3004.PK

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    Pediatric HAL® allows you to practice providing care to pediatric patients in the accident scene, in the ER, an EMS vehicle, or even in the PICU. HAL® remains fully functional while being moved from place to place so that participants can develop team training and patient hand-off skills.
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