Women’s Health Skills Trainers

Women’s Health

Skills Trainers Simulators
  1. S230.10 Advanced Patient Care Male and Female Catheterization Simulator

    Advanced Patient Care Male and Female Catheterization Simulator (S230.10)

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    A superb SIMA-VALUTM product! This “two-in- one” simulator combines the features of the female and male catheterization simulators at an unbeatable price. Use of this simulator will give your students the confidence required to perform this basic nursing procedure. Learn More
  2. S507.100 Uterus II
  3. S507 Uterus I
  4. S506 Female Pelvic Organs I

    Female Pelvic Organs I (S506)

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    Uterus model featuring clear plastic window to permit viewing of correct IUD placement Learn More
  5. S519 RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm

    RITA™ Reproductive Implant Training Arm (S519)

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    A compact simulator designed to insert and remove Levonorgestrel (Norplant®) implants Learn More
  6. Female Condom Model

    Female Condom Model (S509)

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    This model may be placed in the client’s lap to simulate the position in which the female condom should be inserted. Learn More
  7. Family Planning Educator

    Family Planning Educator (S502)

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    Our family planning educator is a popular "desktop" simulator for demonstration of introduction and removal of an IUD, diaphragm, and sponge contraception devices. In addition, bi-manual examination technique may be practiced and normal and abnormal uterine positions may be demonstrated. The vulva is made of ultra-soft vinyl to give lifelike feel and flexibility. Learn More
  8. S230.42 Breast Examination Simulator

    Breast Examination Skills Trainer Torso (S230.42)

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    A task trainer manikin with left and right breasts attached to an adult upper torso. The left breast provides pathologies for breast self examination (BSE) training, while the right breast provides pathologies for clinical breast examination training. Learn More