Breast Palpation / Ultrasound Examination

Breast Palpation & Ultrasound

Examination Skills Trainers
  1. Breast Examination Skills Trainer Torso (S230.42)

    Package: S230.42.PK

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    The Breast Examination Skills Trainer Torso is a task trainer manikin with left and right breasts attached to an adult upper torso. The left breast provides pathologies for breast self-examination (BSE) training, while the right breast provides pathologies for clinical breast examination training. Learn More
  2. Breast Phantom Simulator S230.52 - Ultrasound Breast Examination Skills Trainer

    Package: S230.52.PK

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    The Breast Phantom Simulator features a left and right breast attached to an adult upper torso to help participants practice and develop essential breast examination skills. The left breast permits ultrasound identification of cysts versus dense masses, while the right breast permits identification of cysts of different sizes and depths. Learn More
  3. Breast Palpation Skills Trainer Torso (S230.40)

    Package: S230.40.PK

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    Gaumard’s new Breast Palpation Simulator for Clinical Teaching combines state-of-the-art materials to create a realistic look, feel, and texture, in addition to lifelike softness and durability. The simulator incorporates a combination of left and right breasts, including axilla regions, with a variety of masses that have distinct textures useful in recognizing normal and abnormal conditions. This simulator offers an excellent training platform on which breast examination techniques may be demonstrated. Learn More