S104 Susie® and Simon® Newborn CPR Simulator w/ OMNI® Code Blue Pack

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Susie Simon® S104 - CPR Newborn Patient Simulator with OMNI®

Package: S104.PK


The Susie Simon® S104 is a full-body newborn patient simulator used to practice and hone the full range of newborn resuscitation skills. Participants can work hands-on and gain clinical competence in proper CPR compressions, fluid infusion, and other airway management skills.

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The Susie® and Simon® Newborn CPR and Trauma Care Simulator
Gaumard® Scientific-S103
Gaumard Scientific-S104
Disposable Airway
Ten disposable airways to practice hygienic mouth-to-mouth ventilation.
Gaumard Scientific-S104
Realistic chest rise
Realistic chest rise during ventilations.
Gaumard Scientific-S104
Practice compressions and airway ventilation.
Gaumard Scientific-S104
Palpable pulse
Manual right (brachial, femoral) and left (brachial, popliteal) pulses.
Feature\System S101 S102 S103 S104
Disposable Airway
Arterial Pulse Sites
OMNI Code Blue Pack
Intraosseous Access
Femoral Venous Site
  • Fully articulating head and jaw with tongue
  • SAFE CPR™ individual disposable airways to practice hygienic mouth-to-mouth ventilation
  • Omni™ Code Blue® pack monitors and logs the cadence and depth of cardiac compression and airway ventilation
  • Arterial pulse points
  • Soft, lifelike face skin with molded hair
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • Instruction manual
  • Custom nylon carrying bag


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