Heart and Lung Sounds Software - Adult

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  • Heart and Lung Sounds Software - Adult

S182 Heart and Lung Sounds Software - Adult

Model: S182


The S182 Heart and Lung Sound Software allows participants to listen to a variety of high-quality normal/abnormal adult heart and lung sounds useful for auscultation training. Participants can practice identifying and diagnosing cardiac and respiratory illnesses.

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Product Features
  • High quality normal/abnormal heart and lung sounds
  • Adult features 12 heart and 9 lung sounds
  • Pediatric features 15 heart and 9 lung sounds
  • Point and click from sound menu
  • Your pointer becomes a Virtual Stethoscope
  • Find the correct location on the virtual patient
  • Your Virtual Stethoscope® displays a GOLD GLOW when correctly placed on the patient
  • Click and play 10 seconds of sound
  • Repeat or select another sound
  • Software requires multimedia computer with XP
  • Connect earphones to your computer for high quality audio
  • Connect to your speakers for classroom demonstrations


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