The World's Most Lifelike Childbirth Simulator


The World's Most Lifelike Childbirth Simulator


The World's Most Lifelike Childbirth Simulator


The World's Most Lifelike Childbirth Simulator

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Designed to Deliver Exceptional Training
Through a Truly Immersive Experience.

From early pregnancy complications, high-risk deliveries, and postpartum emergencies to non-gravid scenarios for general nursing care, VICTORIA simulates a full range of obstetrical events to facilitate teamwork and deepen critical thinking skills in learners of all levels. More than a childbirth simulator, VICTORIA is a complete simulation solution developed from decades of obstetrical experience. It is a comprehensive package of tools and support designed to help improve patient safety in women’s health through education and training.

  • New interactive eyes: automatic visual object tracking and lifelike eye movements
  • Fully programmable airway, breathing, and circulation physiological parameters
  • True-to-life shoulder dystocia, breech, and C-section deliveries
  • Births lifelike, full-term baby featuring programmable vitals for APGAR scoring
  • Integrated array of sensors track participant performance in real-time
  • Automatic recognition of 50+ virtual medications
  • Wireless and tetherless; up to 10hrs. of battery life2
  • Supports real monitoring equipment: EKG, capnography, defib., NIBP, TOCO, and pulse oximeters
  • Includes Microsoft Surface Pro tablet PC and Virtual Patient/CTG Monitor
  • Includes 9 Labor & Delivery Simulation Learning Experiences (SLEs)
  • Video training library covering setup and operation
  • Converts into a non-pregnant patient for general nursing and gynecology training


  • Tetherless and wireless; fully responsive during transport 1
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hr. of tetherless operation 2
  • Smooth and supple full-body skin with seamless articulating joints
  • Lifelike joint articulation: neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle
  • Internal high-capacity fluid reservoirs
  • NOELLE® Fetus-Newborn wireless link capability
  • Includes touchscreen tablet PC preloaded with UNI®
  • Includes touchscreen virtual patient monitor and CTG

Neurologic Response

  • Programmable blinking rate, pupil response, and bilateral and unilateral eye movement
  • Interactive eyes can follow a moving object
  • Seizures with selectable intensity levels
  • Wireless streaming voice: be the voice of VICTORIA and listen to participants’ responses via a wireless headset
  • Record and playback vocal responses in any language


  • Head tilt/chin lift/jaw thrust
  • Oral or nasal intubation
  • Difficult airway: laryngospasm, tongue edema, and pharyngeal swelling
  • Airway intubation depth detection, logging, and reporting
  • Esophageal intubation
  • Selectable upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing patterns
  • Supports BVM and mechanical ventilation


  • Spontaneous breathing; selectable respiratory patterns and lung sounds
  • Programmable respiratory rates and inspiratory/expiratory ratios
  • Realistic chest rise during assisted ventilation
  • Ventilation performance, real-time monitoring, reporting, and logging
  • Right mainstem intubation detection with automatic unilateral chest rise
  • Real CO2 exhalation capable (CO2 Adapter S2200.078)


  • eCPR™ Real-time compression and ventilation performance
  • Effective compressions generate palpable pulses and ECG artifacts
  • Select from an extensive library of preprogrammed heart rhythms with dysrhythmia options
  • Real-time 4-Lead electrocardiogram monitoring using real ECG devices
  • Defibrillation, cardioversion, and pacing using real energy
  • Realistic heart sounds
  • Programmable heart rate synchronized with ECG and pulses, even during pacing
  • Display virtual 12-lead dynamic ECG rhythms


  • Bilateral palpable carotid, radial, and brachial pulses are synchronized with heart rate and blood pressure
  • Monitor oxygen saturation using real oximeters
  • Measure blood pressure using a real manual or automatic blood pressure cuff
  • Bilateral venous access
  • Automatic drug recognition detects medication type, dose, and rate injected into the lower right arm
  • SubQ and intramuscular injection sites for placement exercises


  • Maternal-fetal physiologic link
  • Supports Leopold’s Maneuvers and external cephalic version
  • Supports fetal monitoring using real devices
  • Precision Delivery System: computer-controlled fetal descent and cardinal movements
  • Programmable normal, breech, shoulder dystocia, instrument-assisted delivery, and C-section
  • Software activated self-lubricating birth canal
  • Realistic placenta with detachable fragments and umbilical cord
  • Epidural placement and needle detection; palpable anatomical landmarks and skin layers
  • Intrapartum bleeding
  • Force sensor reports traction and torsion applied to the fetus in real-time
  • McRoberts maneuver, suprapubic pressure, Zavanelli, Woods’ Screw, and “hands and knees” position detection
  • Births full-term neonate of realistic size and weight
  • Active neonate: programmable heart and respiratory sounds, crying, cyanosis, and movement
  • Replaceable episiotomy inserts support suturing
  • Multi-layer fourth-degree episiotomy with hemorrhaging vaginal sidewall tears and cervical lacerations
  • Programmable uterine firmness and hemorrhaging; supports sutures and balloon tamponade
  • Programmable hemorrhage flow control


  • Selectable bowel sounds
  • Internal fluid bladder with urethra for Foley catheterization exercises
  • Rectum with suppository placement sensor

More than Just Realistic.
Exceptionally Lifelike and Anatomically Accurate.

VICTORIA redefines physical fidelity having accurate anatomical proportions that facilitate learning without compromising clinical technique. The smooth, full-body skin provides a look and feel designed to immerse learners in simulation.

Obstetric MR
Mixed Reality Training System
Obstetric MR
Mixed Reality Training System
Obstetric MR
Mixed Reality Training System
Obstetric MR
Mixed Reality Training System

A Breakthrough in Patient Engagement and Assessment.

VICTORIA’s new interactive eyes are more than unique—they are game-changing. VICTORIA can track objects visually and simulate abnormal movement while streaming audio lets you act as the voice of the patient. This means you can engage participants in a realistic dialogue throughout the scenarios to rehearse patient-provider interaction much more effectively.


Interactive Eyes

VICTORIA’s new eye movement and automatic tracking features can illustrate signs of stress, stroke, head trauma, drug use, nerve impairment, and many other diseases and conditions.

  • Accommodation test: automatic horizontal tracking and manual vertical tracking
  • Strabismus: exotropia and esotropia
  • Nystagmus: eyeball twitching
  • Blepharospasm: eyelid twitching
  • Ptosis: eyelid droop
  • Realistic idle eye movement
  • Independent pupillary light reflex
  • Mydriasis: blown pupil
  • Anisocoria: unequal pupil sizes
  • Programmable blinking rate
  • Consensual pupillary light reflex
  • Real-time eye movement control via software joystick

Transition into the Real World Using Real Tools and Monitoring Devices.

VICTORIA supports the widest range of real patient monitoring equipment of any childbirth simulator, allowing participants to train using the tools they will use in real situations.

  • Fetal monitor
  • ECG monitor
  • Defibrillator
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Capnograph
  • NIBP monitor


“Looking across the board [VICTORIA] is the most realistic… It’s in a different class by itself.”

Justin Allen MSN, RN
Hart Simulation Center,
Lees-McRae College

“VICTORIA gives our undergrad students another opportunity to experience labor and delivery in an environment where they can make mistakes.”

Susana Barroso-Fernandez PhD, BS, RN
Director of simulation operations,
University of Miami SONHS

“What has set Gaumard apart is really the customer service and follow-up.”

Karen Baez, RN
Patient Safety Simulation Lab Manager,
Baptist Health South Florida

Manage the Full Simulation Experience from One Intuitive Interface.

The UNI® simulator control software puts all the best simulation tools at your fingertips. UNI helps you run more realistic scenarios with less effort, automate tasks to make operation easier, and capture more useful participant data for richer debriefing. Best of all, UNI comes preinstalled in the powerful and lightweight Microsoft Surface Pro tablet PC, allowing you to work conveniently anywhere training takes place.


Unified Simulator Control Software


Optimized For On-The-Fly Control

The UNI touchscreen interface lets you quickly and easily adjust vital sign parameters with just a few taps.

Preprogrammed Scenario Library

UNI includes 9 Labor and Delivery preprogrammed SLE Scenarios designed to help increase realism, reduce the operator’s workload, and standardize simulation events.

Real-Time Feedback

Monitor the movement of the fetus throughout the delivery and log pull-force applied to the fetal head in real-time.

Lab Report Designer

Generate and share simulated diagnostic lab results to enhance case fidelity and participant involvement.

Virtual Patient Monitor and TOCO Included

Display real-time maternal and fetal vitals, lab reports, and medical images to enhance realism during simulation.

eCPR™ Real-time Monitoring

Monitor rate and compression depth, no-flow time, ventilation rate, and excessive ventilation. Smart trainer features vocal cues and generates performance report.

Time-stamped Event Recording And Reporting

The automated event tracking and interaction recorder ensures important events are always captured.

Free Software Updates

Always stay up to date and benefit from new UNI features at no additional cost.

VICTORIA Includes a Labor & Delivery Simulation Learning Experiences™ Package

The VICTORIA Labor & Delivery Simulation Learning Experiences™ (SLEs) provide you with a library of ready-to-use, evidence-based scenarios designed to help you maximize participant’s learning through outcome-focused simulated clinical patient encounters.


The package includes 10 SLEs complete with a facilitator’s guidebook for planning, setting up, and facilitating each learning experience.

  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism
  • Breech Vaginal Delivery
  • Magnesium Toxicity
  • Normal Vaginal Delivery
  • Placental Abruption
  • Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • Preeclampsia
  • Prolapsed Cord
  • Shoulder Dystocia

The Gold Standard in OB Emergency Management Training.

VICTORIA simulates shoulder dystocia, breech, and C-section deliveries with a level of fidelity that truly suspends disbelief. Participants immerse themselves deeper and faster as they engage in problem-solving and collaborative teamwork. What’s more, VICTORIA captures participants’ performance through an array of hidden sensors. This means you can easily track progress on the way to success.


Shoulder Dystocia

VICTORIA can present tell-tale signs of a shoulder dystocia complication.


Breech Deliveries

Simulate a realistic breech birth to prepare care providers.


C-section Deliveries

Perform C-section deliveries using real surgical instruments.

Learn More About Delivery Simulations

VICTORIA’s birth canal is anatomically accurate and features a dilating cervix and palpable pelvic landmarks. During delivery, the fetus dips, dawns, and rotates with natural grace. The patented fetus delivery system simulates this complex process automatically. It is ultra-precise, whisper-quiet, and smooth. UNI gives you detailed information about the fetus every step of the way. From the descent of the fetus to the pull-force applied to the head. All presented in real-time to keep you informed.


Shoulder Dystocia

VICTORIA can present tell-tale signs of a shoulder dystocia complication, including the fetal head emerging and retracting (turtle sign), decrease in the fetal heart rate as seen on the fetal monitor, and delayed external rotation.

  • Realistic retraction of the fetal head against the perineum
  • Turtle signs are synchronized with contractions and fetal heart rate shown on the fetal monitor
  • Suprapubic pressure detection and logging
  • Simulate an obstruction at any point during the labor with precise repeatability
  • Practice obstetrical maneuvers including Rubin, Wood’s screw, arm sweeps, Lovset, or Zavanelli
  • Hip-joint sensors detects and logs leg angles

Breech Deliveries

Simulate a realistic breech birth to prepare care providers for low frequency, high-risk vaginal deliveries. The neonate's smooth skin and articulated limbs support the use of real instruments and advanced maneuvers.

  • Forceps indication, application, and traction
  • Vacuum cup application, suctioning, and traction
  • Advanced delivery management techniques:
    • Pinard’s
    • Mauriceau
    • Ritgen’s
    • Lovset

C-Section Deliveries

VICTORIA’s C-section delivery capability supports the use of real surgical instruments for cutting and suturing the abdominal and uterine walls. The replaceable abdominal insert is multi-layered to simulate real skin and bleeds when cut.
Perform low transverse, low vertical, and classical incisions on replaceable multilayered abdominal inserts with simulated blood.

  • Subcutaneous Layer
  • Fascia
  • Rectus Muscle
  • Peritoneum
  • Uterine wall

Following Delivery: Evaluation and Transitional Care

VICTORIA births a full-term baby of realistic size and weight designed to provide participants with the most realistic visual and tactile experience possible. What's more, VICTORIA's newborn features measurable vitals, which allows participants to perform health assessments and determine if additional care is needed.

  • High-fidelity, full-term baby of realistic size and weight
  • Smooth full-body skin with seamless joints
  • Internal sensors record rotation of the fetal head and pull force in real-time
  • Anatomical landmarks include palpable fontanels and sutures
  • Full-body endoskeleton provides postural support, range of motion, and resistance
  • Articulated spine, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints
  • Multiple heart sound types and programmable heart rate
  • Multiple respiratory sounds and programmable respiratory rates
  • Crying with adjustable volume levels
  • Programmable central cyanosis
  • Visible head movement (active robotics)
  • Programmable conditions for 1-minute APGAR assessment

Programmable Postpartum Bleeding

VICTORIA features programmable bleeding. Her vital signs deteriorate over time in response to the selected blood loss, leading to the onset of shock. Such bleeding may be reduced through fundal massage, medication, or even the insertion and inflation of a balloon tamponade device.


Postpartum Hemorrhage

  • Postpartum abdomen with hemorrhaging uterus and 1-liter reservoir facilitates the transition between delivery and postpartum simulations
  • Lifelike palpable fundus with programmable uterine contraction and shrinking
  • Vital signs automatically deteriorate in response to postpartum blood loss
  • Programmable uterine hemorrhage flow control
  • Tactile realism during fundal massaging

Episiotomy Repair

VICTORIA includes three replaceable episiotomy modules that allow multiple surgical repairs using real surgical instruments.

  • Midline episiotomy with peri-urethral tears
  • Mediolateral episiotomy with tears to the labia minora
  • Multi-layer fourth-degree episiotomy with hemorrhaging vaginal sidewall tears and cervical lacerations


Super TORY® S2220

Super TORY is a standalone wireless and tetherless neonate designed to facilitate training in resuscitation, stabilization, transport, and intensive care in real settings and using real equipment.

  • Full-term newborn: 8 lbs. 21 in.
  • Wireless and tetherless: up to 8 hrs.2
  • Smooth and supple, full-body skin
  • Crying and grunting
  • Dynamic lung compliance
  • Heart and lung sounds and palpable pulses
  • Real-time CPR feedback
  • Real movement (Active robotics)
    • Blinking rate, eyes opened/closed
    • Mouth: gasping and clenching
    • Arm, leg, wrist flexion, and extension
    • Seizures: single limb, unilateral, or full-body movement

    Learn at Your Pace. From Anywhere. Anytime

    The new VICTORIA How-to Video Series included with your package features a collection of basic instructional videos designed to walk you through setting up and operating many of VICTORIA’s best features.

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