Birthing Torsos

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  1. S500.200 Advanced OB Susie
    Advanced OB Susie® S500.200 - Childbirth Skills Trainer
    The Advanced OB Susie® S500.200 is a versatile childbirth simulator designed to allow participants to appreciate the complete birthing experience from the onset of labor, through delivery, and postpartum care. The OB Susie simulator's lifelike features ensure participants can go hands-on and practice the skills needed to provide safe and effective patient care during routine and difficult deliveries, even high-risk low-frequency events like vertex or breech deliveries. Participants can use real equipment to practice vacuum or forceps assisted deliveries and control postpartum hemorrhage.
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  2. Noelle® Maternal Birthing Torso OMNI 2
    NOELLE® S552.250 - Automatic Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso with OMNI® 2
    The NOELLE® S552.250 is a childbirth skills trainer featuring innovative automatic delivery technology, the new OMNI® 2 wireless interface, and a full-term neonate. NOELLE offers the simulated experience of cephalic, breech, shoulder dystocia deliveries, cord prolapse, and more in one easy-to-use solution.
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  3. Super OB Susie childbirth skills trainer torso with parts and accessories; birthing baby
    Super OB SUSIE® S500.300 - Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso

    The Super OB SUSIE® childbirth training torso is designed to aid educators teach labor and delivery management skills to learners of all levels. The anatomically accurate pelvis and full-term neonate allows learners to develop clinical skills transferable to scenario-based exercises.

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