One-Year-Old PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator (S115)

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The Mike® and Michelle® One-Year-Old PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator allows participants to practice and develop neonatal nursing care skills. The S115 includes an intubatable airway, injection training arm, and an intraosseous injection leg so that participants can work hands-on during chest compression and ventilation exercises.

One-Year-Old PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator S115


Injection training arm

Injection arm for IV, IM, Sub-Q and intradermal exercises.


Pulse sites

Multiple pulse points generated manually using a squeeze bulb.


Airway management

Anatomically accurate airway with cricoid cartilage permitting intubation, suctioning, and the Sellick maneuver.


Nasal intubation

Nasal passage permits placement of NP tube.


BVM with realistic chest rise

Bilateral lung expansion with realistic chest rise during BVM.

Feature ComparisonS155S115S105
Fully articulating head, neck, and jaw, permitting head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust, and neck extension into the "sniffing" position.
Anatomically accurate airway with cricocartilage permitting intubation, suctioning, and the Sellick maneuver.
BVM with realistic chest rise.
Realistic internal organs.
Realistic mouth, thachea, bronchi, lungs, and distendible stomach.
Practice gastric suctioning and feeding exercises.
NG, OG, NP, and OP exercises.
Injection training arm with numerous venous/arterial sites.
IV leg.
Carotid pulse.
Radial pulse.
Brachial pulse.
Femoral pulse.
Umbilical pulse.
Posterior Tibial pulse.
Intraosseous infusion and injection system with realistic tibia bones.
Umbilical infusion site.
T-shirt and shorts OR diaper and bodysuit (for newborn).
Custom nylon carrying bag.
Instruction manual.
Omni® Code Blue® Pack for CPR monitoring.

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  • Full-body with soft, lifelike face skin and molded hair
  • Eyes can be closed or opened manually
  • Head tilt/chin lift
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Nasogastric intubation
  • Tongue and teeth
  • Intraosseous infusion
  • IV training arm
  • Femoral vein
  • Palpable pulses generated with manual squeeze bulb: Radial, Brachial, Umbilical, Femoral, Popliteal
  • BVM with realistic chest rise
  • CPR anatomical landmarks
  • Lavage/gavage
  • Intramuscular injection sites
  • Practice gastric suctioning exercises
  • Articulating head, arms, and legs
  • Realistic hands, feet, fingers, toes
  • Soft carrying bag and instruction manual

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