S105 Newborn PEDI® Simulator

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Newborn PEDI® S105 - Nursing Skills Patient Simulator

Package: S105.PK


The Newborn PEDI® S105 is a newborn simulator that combines a realistic intubatable airway, an injection training arm, an intraosseous infusion system, and numerous venous and arterial sites to help participants practice and develop the full-range of newborn nursing skills. The S105 allows participants to practice airway management, CPR, IV placement, and catheterization techniques.

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PEDI® simulators include intubatable airway, and an injection training arm, an intraosseous injection leg and appropriate arterial/venous simulation. These simulators are another must for a well equipped training program.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Airway management
Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus. Practice intubation using a miller blade and uncuffed ET tube or LMA.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
BVM with realistic chest rise
Bilateral lung expansion with realistic chest rise during BVM.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Intravenous access
IV access for intravenous access as well as for draining fluids.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Femoral IV
Advanced training leg for IV and Sub-Q techniques.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Umbilical catheterization
Practice umbilical catheterization by filling umbilical cord using syringe provided.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Umbilical pulse
Simulate pulsatile element with use of hand-held squeeze bulb.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Interchangeable genitalia
Interchangeable genitalia for female and male catheterization.
Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105
Intraosseous access
Intraosseous infusion and injection system with realistic tibia bones.

Gaumard® Scientific - HAL S105

  • Features
  • Fully articulating head, neck, and jaw, permitting head tilt/chin lift, jaw thrust, and neck extension into the “sniffing” position
  • Anatomically accurate airway with cricocartilage permitting intubation, suctioning, and the Sellick maneuver
  • BVM with realistic chest rise
  • Realistic internal organs for unparalleled CPR performance
  • Realistic mouth, trachea, bronchi, lungs, and distendible stomach
  • Practice gastric suctioning and feeding exercises
  • NG, OG, NP, and OP exercises
  • Injection training arm with numerous venous/arterial sites
  • IV leg
  • Radial pulse
  • Brachial pulse
  • Femoral pulse
  • Umbilical pulse
  • Posterior Tibial pulse
  • Intraosseous infusion and injection system with realistic tibia bones
  • Umbilical infusion site
  • T-shirt and shorts OR diaper and bodysuit (for newborn)
  • Custom nylon carrying bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Omni™ Code Blue® Pack for CPR monitoring


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